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The water kisses my toes and ankles as I glide across the sandbar. I inhale the smell of low tide through my nostrils and out my mouth, filtering away the sickness in my lungs. My soul has continued rebelling against my cold, broken body, but not today. Today is good. I am free of the pain, and one with the waves.

Walking towards the sun setting in the distance, my pace quickens with each step. The sand melts to water. Molding like a blue floor, I walk on above the waves towards the beautiful sunset. The sunlight warms my body. Without warning, the warmth becomes hot, burning my skin fiercely, shocking my chest, while shooting down to my heart. The electricity pulses through my veins. The sun drops in the distance, creating a cold chill. I fall through the waves into icy blackness.  

I wake up just as the doctors remove the paddles from my chest, my mother’s tears soaking my hospital gown. I am cold again, with a beating heart, but broken lungs. I am alive, for my body won, but my soul was left drifting across that beautiful sandbar, surrounded by the peaceful waves and warm sun, forever.


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