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    Have I told you the tale of the Living Forest?
    Once, the forest was in harmony.  Many nature spirits lived there, and it was clean and pure.  Until the humans came.
    The humans brought “civilization.”  Their city grew quickly, as did their disregard for nature.  Trees were chopped down, the dryads who lived in them killed.  The naiads choked in the pollution the humans filled the water with.  Earth nymphs hid deep below the surface as humans mined and plundered.  The gentle spirits had no defense against the human savagery.
    So with one voice, they called for help.
    Llishrian, the wild goddess of nature, heard them.  Her gaze turned towards the humans who had no respect for the land they lived on, and her anger peaked.  She flew to battle.
    Dear listener, the details of the battle are too horrific to share.  All the humans were slain, and their rich blood soaked the earth, feeding it.  Freed, the spirits drank the blood of vengeance and grew more powerful with every sip.  They vowed to never let anyone harm them again.
    Next time you travel by the Living Forest, tread respectfully.  The spirits are watching.  

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