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I had to run the mile in P.E today. I hate the running the mile. On top of that, I was sick with the same thing that had made me unable to go to school exactly a week earlier. Even though the mile sucks, one of my friends was sick as well so we were able to walk the mile together (with permission of the teacher, of course). We ended up clocking in at 15 minutes and 40 seconds but who needs a good grade in P.E, right?

I knew it was going to be a bad day when I woke up sick that morning. Although I wanted to stay home and go to sleep, I trudged off to school. In second period my grade dropped to a B with only a week to make it up, in fifth period I had to run the mile for the second time that week, and in sixth period I had to present a book report. I also tripped face first on the stairs twice that day, in front of hundreds of seventh graders.

Well, as we were in P.E and were writing on our fitness cards for a grade, we heard the fire alarms go off which only made our headaches worse. All one hundred kids in the P.E class we were in had to go outside for the fire in our P.E clothes. To make matters worse, we were all walking around aimlessly as there were no teachers out in the field yet. Being the awkward person that I am, I had no clue of where to go or where to look so I basically just clung to my friend as we waited for my teacher to come so that I could get in line for roll call, but when my teacher came she went over by the faculty because she didn’t have a teacher to go to.

After I had gotten in line and my teacher had called roll, I and many others were very cold and very bored from waiting for 20+ minutes. Before I got too bored I went over to one of my friends standing in a staggered line parallel from me, and we talked about if it was real or not. We had both heard people say both ‘It was a real fire,’ and ‘It was a fire drill,’ but no-one really confirmed anything.

We waited for what felt like an hour more, even though it was probably just thirty minutes, before everyone perked up and started yelling like excited kindergarteners. Although I was confused for a few seconds, I quickly realized that a fire truck had come. Just one, but that sparked everyone’s interest and now they were talking again. I looked over, saw that the same friend I was talking to a little bit earlier was looking confused, explained that the firetruck had come, and then went back to my spot in line. It wasn’t even a line anymore because of the bored sixth and seventh graders that were waiting outside, and from a quick glance around I saw that everyone’s line was like that at this point.

When we were finally able to go inside, we had to change out from our P.E clothes very quickly to go to sixth period, which was now extended from the fire. Some of the people around my desk were laughing hard and I later learned from them that the fire started because while in a College Career Awareness class a student was printing out pictures of Post Malone, but unfortunately, the printer caught fire from printing too many pictures. The faculty told us that it was because a heater in the building started smoking from being too old, but I like to believe that it was because a printer had taken too much of Post Malone and decided to spontaneously combust in a classroom.


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