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I’m like every person in the world, but at the same time, I’m not. Like most people, I was born into a loving home and a loving family. Like most people, I have a mother, a father, and I have a sister; Petunia. But, still, I’m different than most people. Why? Cause I am blind. Being born blind I've never seen light or color, just darkness…


I had never gone to school before sixth grade and I wish I hadn’t. The first day I wandered into class. I could feel the piercing stares just as I stepped through the door, watching me. After that, it was all downhill. I couldn’t read with the other kids because I read in braille. So while everyone else reads in groups, I sit in a corner and read to myself. I can hear them whispering about me, I try not to let it get to me. Some of the people whispering are Teony, Wilson, Izabelle, and Janette. These four are the quote on quote the “teacher’s favorite” and never got into trouble no matter what. But, that’s the issue. They love to mess with me if there’s an opportunity to do so they’ll take it.


Nevertheless, all the horrid things they do are all forgotten when I get off that yellow bus and see the sight of my white labrador retriever; Daisy. A few years before I was born my father found her in a box on the side of the road and she’s been a part of the family ever since. These days she just sleeps all day (being the old dog she is), but we still love her. I couldn’t picture a day without her, or - well, I didn’t have to, cause that day came…


The day started off like any other. James was crying in the hall, Mary was solving a math problem on the board, and Yuri was sitting in the corner reading a Japanese textbook. I made my way to my seat and quietly waited for the day to start. Then, they walked in.


“Hi stupid!”  Wilson laughed.

“Good morning, Wilson.” I sighed.

“Hey, Lillian you wanna play I, spy? Oh, wait!”  Janette crackled.

“Good day to you too, Janette.” I snickered.

“What’s so funny dork?”  Izabelle hissed.

“No, it’s just you’re all acting like little kids,” I admitted.

“Kid? I’m a man!” Wilson argued.

“I see no man.” I countered.

“She got you there Wilson.” Teony snickered.

“Who’s side are you on?” Wilson retaliated.

“Who said I had to pick a side?” Teony sassed.


Soon it was recess, Emma was gossiping with Ivy, Luke was showing off on the monkey bars, and I sat on the bench waiting for the day to end. I sat in stillness until I felt a timid tap on my shoulder. And to my amazement, I was approached by Teony.


“Hi, Lillian!” Teony smiled.

“What do you want Teony?” I groaned.

“For you to sit with me at lunch.”


“I want you to sit with Wilson, Izabelle, Janette, and I.”

“Seriously - like seriously?”

“Yes, I’m serious!”

“And why would I?”

“Because you don’t have anyone else to sit with.”

“You - make a good point.”

“And I’ll give you a jelly doughnut if you sit with us!”

“You had me at a jelly doughnut.”

“So that’s a yes?”

“As long as your lackeys stay quiet.”



And soon enough it was lunch. I made my way to the lunch table where Teony and her friends sat. We sat in a pregnant silence for some time, a witty remark made every once and a while. Until Wilson decided to open his mouth.


“So Lillian why are you such a dim bulb?” Wilson smirked.

“Wha-?”  I sputtered.

“I’m mean like you can’t even read!” Wilson laughed.

“I just read in braille and-”

“You mean those bumps on a paper? No wonder you read alone!”

“Wilson stop-” Teony butted in.

“Stop what? Telling the truth?” Wilson crackled.

“Umm… Lillian are you ok?” Izabelle asked with some concern in her voice.


At this point, I could already feel the tears cascading from my eyes. He had to remind me, of how much of a failure I am. My parents do so much for me, but here I am… I’m not good enough, am I? I’m such a disappointment... It hurts… The chains of stress are already tight enough - just - just…


“Shut up!” I screamed running from the cafeteria.


I sat in the girl's bathroom. Silent… everything dark. I could feel it. The darkness… looming. I could feel every icy breath it took. Resting… observing for the right moment to pounce. Then the fragile silence was suspended by the sound of a phone. I lifted mine from my pocket and placed it to my ear.


“Honey…” It was my mom, “I never wanted to tell you this, but… Daisy… Daisy is… is gone. I’m so, so sorry Lilly-”


Dropping my phone, I hung up…


I began to sob. I was broken…, shattered…, and torn. I felt like I had just been shoved off a cliff and sent spiraling into an abyss of shadows. Where no light glimmered and life was only a myth. Happiness was forbidden, smiles replaced with frowns, and hope becomes fear. I felt that I could drown in the sea of my tears and be banished to the depths of its trenches. Lost to the dark.


“You now a lily can’t truly bloom in darkness all by itself.” It was Teony, but I didn’t bother to answer, “I may not know what you’ve gone through…, but I do know that in the dark there is always light. You just need to find it. And I’ve learned that you need to find the light in you, then you can truly blossom in the dark…”  


I closed my eyes. I slowly started to remember all the happy memories I had with Daisy. When we would play in the fields of tall grass. All the times we would play in the mud after the rain. Or when she slept with me when the thunder boomed and the lightning crackled. I cracked a smiled to myself.


“Thank you.”


“No, don’t thank me. Thank yourself… for seeing what very few do. Most people are distracted by what’s in front of them. When the answer is right inside them.”


“Now I was wondering about that doughnut.” I laughed.


“Strawberry or raspberry filling?” Teony laughed.