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I was walking down a long dark hallway. I wasn’t thinking about my execution. I was only thinking about my mother, my father, my wife, my son, and my friends. I was thinking about all the good decisions and the bad decisions that I had made during my life. I started to remember my childhood, my school, my classmates and my teachers. I remembered the time when I was bullied and the time when I fought back. I remembered marrying my wife and having my first child. I remembered the time that I went to the park with my wife and son. I remembered the first time when I robbed a shop. I remembered the first time I killed a person. I remembered the first time I broke out of jail. Is this what people mean when they say that “your life flashes before your eyes.” I wondered while I was leaning over the chopping block while the executioner raised his ax. My last words were “ I don’t regret any decisions I made in life.”