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Iron Man saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was Rapunzel. Rapunzel had a long hair that trailed behind her everywhere she went. He landed on the hard concrete surface.

“ Jarvis, what my stats?” he asked.

“ Everything is normal, sir…” Jarvis said, “ but your heart rate isn’t.”

Stark glanced and he saw lasso coming toward him. He tried to escape but he got caught.

“Sir, this is human hair,” Jarvis said.

The lasso was connected to a girl's hair.

“Rapunzel..” Jarvis and Stark said.

“Did you miss me?” Rapunzel asked.

She gave her hair a tug and Stark fell right in her hand.

“I take that as a yes,” she said kissing his helmet.

“Ewww, cooties!” Jarvis spat out.

He tried to free himself but the lasso was still around him.

“ Not until I get a kiss,” Rapunzel said pointing to her cheek.

“NEVER!!!!” Iron Man shouted.

As the last attempt to free himself, he aimed his hand at Rapunzel hair.

“ Pew pew...,” Tony said.

He blasted her hair and freed himself. Rapunzel got knocked to the ground.

“I will get you one day, don’t forget about me, Stark,” she said.


Da end