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Jim and Jane were brother and sister, the best of friends; they went everywhere together, and they did everything together. One day they decided to go to the scene of the plastic frog, have you ever heard of it, well it’s one of the most ancient places in the Yukon territory in Canada located on the ginormous Mount Logan. In the ancient scene of the plastic frog, the old 2 million year old Plastic Frog lies in the same place he has been for centuries. Legend has it that getting within a 5 foot radius between the frog, you will get its deadly curse, the curse of the plastic frog. If you get the dreaded curse of the plastic frog, then the plastic frog would be able to control your every action.   

When Jim and Jane arrived at the scene of the plastic frog, Jane pleaded, “Do not get too close to the plastic frog, Jim,”

Jim replied, “Oh stop being so superstitious,” Then Jim ran to the plastic frog and asked, “Hey Jane, is it okay if you take a picture of me and the plastic frog?”

Jane looked up and barked, “Jim get away from there, you’re going to get cursed!”

“I don’t care,” Jim replied. Jane then warned once more

“Okay, if you don’t care about getting the curse, then if you do get it, I will not try to lift the curse,” Jane did not mean this, and she lifted the camera she had brought with her, and took the photo.

    Once Jim and Jane arrived back at their house, Jim started to act weird, as if he were not able to control himself, as if he were being controlled by someone, or something else. Jane entirely ignored this though, but over the next few weeks, Jim’s attitude became worse and worse, and what really caught Jane’s attention was when she noticed that Jim’s eyes were as red as a stop sign. Jane then asked, “Are you okay Jim?”

Jim replied with a rude grunt, and then Jane thought back the picture she took of Jim and the plastic frog, and then went to her computer, and searched on the web pictures of the plastic frog. All the pictures of the plastic frog that Jane found on the web showed that the plastic frog’s eyes were closed, but in the picture that Jane took of Jim and the plastic frog, the plastic frog’s eyes were open, and they were red just like Jim’s eyes. Jane knew immediately that Jim had the dreaded curse of the plastic frog.

    Jane took Jim to the basement as fast as a cheetah and Jane tried many ancient methods of lifting the curse. She tried the potion method, the sleeping method, the spell method, and even the the torture method. When Jane found out that it was almost impossible to lift the curse from Jim, she decided to call Harry, the curse lifter. Harry picked up the phone and said in his most professional voice, “This is the Yukon territory curse lifting company, Harry speaking.”

    Jane replied in a worried voice, “Harry I need some help!”

    Harry realized the voice was Jane’s and questioned “Jane is that you?”

    Jane again said in a worried voice, Jane replied,  “Yes, it is Jane, and Jim has a curse.”

    Harry questioned in a dumb sounding voice, “He does?”

    Jane was annoyed by this single question and replied in a sarcastic tone, “Noo, I just told you that Jim has a curse because I wanted to make up a lie.”

    Harry then said in relief, “Oh, good, because for a second there I tho-

    Jane cut Harry off and roared, “OF COURSE HE HAS A CURSE, WHY ELSE WOULD I BE CALLING YOU!!!”

    Harry replied in a calm voice, “Oh, well what type of cur-

    Jane interrupted, “Listen Harry, is it okay if I come around 5:00 this afternoon?!”

    Harry agreed, “Sure, but first can you tell m-

    Again, Jane cut off Harry and said, “Great, See you at 5.”

    Back to the original story. It is 4:45 and Jane hoisted Jim into the passenger seat of her Porsche 718 Cayman GTS and then drove to Harry’s moss-covered hut located in the forest not to many people know about called the Enchanted Forest.

Once they arrived, Harry did not know what curse he would be dealing with do to the fact that Jane would not tell him what curse Jim had. Harry then asked what curse Jim had,  and Jane muttered, “He has the curse of the plastic frog”

Harry gasped and looked as if he would faint. Then he said faintly, “I cannot lift the curse of the plastic frog,” he looked even more faint, “you will have to go to the scene of the plastic frog and convince the plastic frog to lift the curse himself,” then Harry fainted.

Jane again hoisted Jim into the passenger seat of her blue Porsche 718 Cayman GTS and drove to the titanic Mount Logan all the way to the top where the scene of the plastic frog was located. Once she got there, the plastic frog opened his eyes and shouted at Jane, “WHAT ARE YOUR INTENTIONS!”

The plastic frog’s loud voice was as loud as a gunshot and it blew Jane off her feet, and then she whined, “I need you to lift the curse off of Jim,”

The plastic frog, still with his booming voice but not as loud, replied, “WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!”

Then Jane remembered that she had to convince the plastic frog to lift the curse from Jim, so sympathetically said to the plastic frog, “Because I know your not a bad um, thing, and according to my research, you are here against your own will,”

The plastic frog moved from the place he had been for centuries, closer to Jane, and whined, “You are right my child, I am being held against my own will, and the only reason why I am so bad and grumpy is because I do not get enough sleep,”

Then Jane asked, “Well, why don’t you get enough sleep?”

The plastic frog sobbed, “Because if the plastic Gods catch me sleeping, then they would melt me into a puddle of plastic ooze”

Jane asked again, “Well can you lift the curse from Jim?”

The plastic frog agreed and retorted, “Of course I will,”

Jane was ecstatic and the plastic frog then asked Jane, “Can you call over Harry the curse lifter so he can lift the curse from me?”

Jane was about to call when she replied to the plastic frog, “But Harry can’t lift the curse of the plastic frog”

Then the plastic frog replied happily, “Harry can only lift the curse of the plastic frog if the creator of the curse tries to lift the curse off himself,”

So Jane called Harry and commanded, “ Oi, Harry, can you lift the curse off of the plastic frog?”

Harry did not reply and hung up. All the while, the plastic frog was taking the curse out of Jim, and when Jim was completely cured of the curse, he ran to Jane and hugged her. Then Jane said, “I told you so.”

At first Jim didn’t know what Jane was talking about, but then he thought back to last month when he took the photo with the plastic frog and how Jane kept on warning him about the curse of the plastic frog, and he sobbed, “I should have listened to you.”

Harry finally arrived at the scene, and stayed in his car for about ten minutes before finally collecting enough courage to come outside and face the plastic frog. When harry got out of his car he was trembling. Then, Harry pulled out his wand, and pointed it straight at the head of the plastic frog, then he shouted, “CURSIO REVERSO” which is the universal spell for curse lifting. After this, Harry ran to his car screaming like a little girl and drove away. Jane and Jim both turned around to see the humorous moment and laughed so hard they started crying. When the humorous moment was over Jane and Jim wiped their eyes free of tears, and turned around hastily after the smell of burning plastic filled the air, the plastic frog was melting into a puddle of plastic ooze, only to be followed by a wistful, “Thank you,” and then he was gone, and everything went silent, absolutely silent.


Written By: Michael Stipanitz  


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