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Dear Celestial,


This feels strange and unreal. The last time I put blind faith into a letter being delivered was when I believed in Santa Clause. Except then I was tremendously convinced that Santa was real. With you, I’m not so sure. I’ve heard whispers on the wind, and stories of you. Whispers of your name, your might, and knowledge. You are the one that observes as the tiny ants down below fight and learn. You are the one that is forever alone. Yet, here is this letter being written to you by one of the ants below. One tiny human reaching out. Hoping that this tiny letter with claw its way through the universe and find itself in your grasp.

I don’t know if I am the first person to write to you. If I’m not then I wonder what the others have written to you about. Perhaps they wrote to you in hope that you would grant their wishes; true love, wealth, power, or happiness. Yet I am writing to you to ask one thing… Would things be different if I hadn't done it?


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