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It was the last day of rehearsal for our Nutcracker ballet! Tomorrow was the day that everyone came to watch us perform and expect us to do perfectly! It was a lot of pressure knowing that if you mess up at all you will be remembered as the laughing stock of the ballet class. Kids will judge and laugh at you saying that you will mess up in later performances. It was a lot to take in for ballet, but at school it was even worse. Kids were calling me mean names, judging me because of acne, spreading rumors that aren’t true, but that’s how middle school is, 7th and 8th graders are mean, and they are mean to people younger then them because they think its funny to hurt people’s feelings. There was many things going on in my life, but I just had to be strong and fight through it all! But I can just sleep through it all, just go off to a fantasy land where no one is cruel or rude. Where I can be free to be myself, because honestly, I’m very weird! I hide it at school because I think that people will just made fun of me more! Why can’t the world just be like in fairy tale movies, where nothing goes wrong or no one gets hurt? Why can’t the world help us when we are hurting? Why can’t everyone be the nicest they can be! Why can’t the word be like the fairy tales! Soon I awoke, it was the morning of the ballet and we had to be at the studio at 8:45am. We got our costumes on and started to learn our places in the ballet.

The ballet starts at 9:30am but I’m still so nervous for our last rehearsal. I mean everyone is going to be watching me, I do have a big part. I can already picture what is going to happen, it will be my dance and everyone will have their eyes on me, I will be so nervous I might forget something, and my little brother will be laughing so loud my mom will go to the concession stands and act like she doesn’t know him, but if he is stilling laughing by the time she eats 5 chocolate bars, 2 bags of popcorn, and 4 sodas she will tell him to quiet down. But I understand why my mom does that sometimes its because my brother is almost 5 and he is absolutely annoying, he can’t go without talking for 1 minute, seriously I’ve timed him. But other than that, he is a somewhat decent brother. But then the ballet will end, and my parents will shower me with flower and complements. That’s how I imagine every ballet in my head and it almost always goes perfectly.

Oh my gosh, I am about to go on…

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