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A crack filled the air, at first ever so slightly, but within seconds, louder and louder. Trees swayed and the moon shone brightly, casting an eerie feeling to all. Three girls ran through the snow, their footprints leaving deep marks. They reached the shore of the lake. They looked out. A blue scarf blew in the wind, nearly blowing away. They screamed to the girl in the center of the lake, but they were drowned out by the biggest crack and the sound of ambulances on the way. Dreading it was who they thought, they called out her name, it echoing in the forest, and making everything dead silent. Frightened, the girl turned around. A small gasp filled the air and a tiny “help,” was whisked into the air as the ice gave away. They saw her bright blue eyes and tear-streaked face; her hair unraveling with each bit of wind, but most of all, the frightened, scared look in her eyes, as this once-confident queen bee, fell to the end.

Word Count: 171 words

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