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She tastes of chocolate and coffee,

Looks like a midsummers night

Smells like the most fragrant of flowers

Oh, what a sight 


She holds her head up high

Her face always turned up to the sky

Inside her eyes are galaxies and rainbows

All swirled into one


Eyes the colour of chocolate, caramel, the warm sun.

She loves wearing long dresses and short skirts

Flower crowns are always pinned to her dark curls

Nails painted the same shade of sunset pink


She's loving and welcoming, inviting you to think

She is an intellectual, of course

Always pondering the meaning of life

Wondering about the origin of the skies


And when she talks about her passions,

Look at her eyes.

Watch how they light up with the radiance

Of a thousand stars

Look at her hands,

Watch as they take on a life of their own

Waving and gesturing, a graceful dancer

Look at her lips,

As they curve into an excited smile


Most of all, listen to her talk

Listen to her disjointed ideas

Watch the words flow out of her mouth,

Different coloured fragments,

Swirling with the wind.

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