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“I just couldn’t understand why I am always a target. No, not only me but every friend who I played with.

Ever since the first time that I traced my footsteps here, young, immature and naive, the presence of prejudice and unfairness was explicit.

I chose to come here to fulfill great ambitions, but the years of staying here have done the opposite for me.

With dreams being crushed, I still did not take an L and lighted up my last hope that kept me living until this day.

That goal was finally accomplished! But after a short while, it was, once again, crushed.

This environment was impossible to coexist for me and my friends. Maybe I was right after all. We were never fitted for this place.

People may appreciate and praise this environment as much as they could, but they never know what’s behind the curtains.

This hurt me so much, I was gonna collapsed.”

The next day, I came to there, spectating my friends crying while the rest were all happy and celebrating. I saw a portrait of me with a label that said “Rest in Peace” with the short letter that I wrote about my life...