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It had been a normal day for me in Central City. You know saving people imprisoning bad guys, but no one was prepared for what happened next.

Today I woke up to the sun shining but it was quiet too quiet, even more quiet than the days when my teachers would say, to be spoken more nicely to “Shut Up” we all know you hated us Mrs. Canburg. But usually I would wake up to my beautiful wife Iris West then we would go off to S.T.A.R Labs and fight crime, except today it was different it was as if no one could see or hear me, like I wasn’t there. It was like I was on the outside looking in, I could see and hear everything. Iris looked worried she turned on the news to see if I was out, that there was an emergency downtown. I watched as all my friends thought as to where I could be. But no one knew that I was right there standing in front of them. My powers worked fine so I decided to pick up one of H.Rs’s many coffee cups and drop it on the floor everyone heard, quite frankly everyone was started with everything that was going on with devoe but they didn’t know what or who caused it so I picked up one of the markers that lay upon the whiteboard and throw it at Cisco so that I had someone’s attention and picked up another marker and wrote, “It’s me Barry Allen no one can see or hear me but I think you can touch me.” Cisco wanted to make sure that it was me so he asked me a sort of security question that only I would know. Which happened to be the meaning of an inside joke me and him shared. Harry had started trying to figure of what was happening by using his thinking cap. He said that it had to be yet another effect from flashpoint which made since, being the effects were more spread out. Once deep in conversation the metahuman alert came on all monitors. Ralph said that he got this one and Cisco vibed him there. While Iris and Caitlin worked together to make sure Ralph was safe and strategizing, while Cisco and Harry worked on my case Harry and Cisco come to the verdict to have Cisco vibe the board and see where I was and what was causing it. He narrated what he saw to us, “there is a pair of wings on a metal table, it looks like they are in a laboratory.” “As in devo’s lab, he is talking to a bow tie almost threatening it.” Everyone looked confused, but to me it all made since like everything was clear the bow tie and the wings represented people. I had spelled it out for them then Cisco noticed that it would make sense for them to be people from my past. Cisco started jointing down ideas on the board when everything went black and a mask appeared with the bow tie exactly like the Trickster's. When the moment passed and all things returned to normal Cisco had looked like he had seen a ghost. “I saw her” Cisco said. “Saw who?” Ralph returned saying that Kendra was hanging by devo’s chair atop of city hall that devo tried to take her powers but couldn’t, the more he tried the weaker he became he took her with him as if to run tests. “Her wings” Cisco said as if distraught and sad. “They're  gone” Sadness creeped its way across the room. “We don’t know what really happened maybe he transferred her somewhere else, maybe she was of no use.”Caitlyn said after a moment of silence. “Either way we have to fix Barry.” Iris said. Harry entered the conversation he had come up with a reason why I was trapped. I was trapped in my own mind! But he had said not to worry it was an easy fix all I had to do was remember who I was, that I was not just the Flash that I didn’t need all of the weight hanging on my shoulders, That I am Barry Allen. My life had flashed before my eyes and all the sudden I felt normal again like a normal person like Barry Allen. Everyone was astounded by Harry’s speech that it took a minute to sink in what had just happened. After we all exchanged hugs we focused on the problem at hand. We had to find Kendra no matter what. Then a breech appeared and out came Gypsy, Cisco’s girlfriend. She knew what was going on but was more up to speed than we were at the time. She said that Grodd had escaped the gorilla resort and was headed for Central City but he looked like he was being carried by someone with wings in the air, but not just one two people. What she didn’t know was those two were from a different timeline way back in time around ancient Egypt. Kendra had been on our side and everyone knew it. She had to have been brainwashed along with her adventurous love affair. We needed a plan and that’s exactly what we got.

Only an hour later we had devised a plan to distract devo and save Kendra and Peter and question the Trickster. Since everytime Devo tried to get more power from Kendra we had to act fast because Kendra wasn’t with Devo meaning that he alone and weak. While Gypsy found out what Grodd had to do with all of this, Ralph, Cisco, Caitlyn and I went to find Devo and trap him using his own weapons. Once we entered Devo’s lair we had planned the exact moments, knowing that he was always one step ahead was an advantage for the plan we had. I had the perimeter locked down. Cisco had been working on his powers, making them stronger and more controlled. Caitlyn a.k.a Killer Frost was unleashing her true anger against devo, while Ralph was perfecting his new moves. Gypsy and Iris worked on finding Kendra and noticing the significance of the mind control while putting Grodd back to where he belongs. In order to do that they had gathered Kid Flash and Jesse Quick making the plan well thought out in the matter of time we had. We had all said our goodbyes to Iris and Gypsy as they travelled to earth 2. It was go time. Cisco had hacked into the system in devo’s laboratory, checking the security cameras for any possible threats as we got words out of Trickster until we got devo’s attention. We had Harry stay back and be the eyes of the operation. Once Cisco breached us there, there was no going back. We all had our positions while Killer Frost threatened Trickster into telling the truth which had been easy since he was already tied up. “ If you let me go I will tell you what devo is planning to do with Grodd” Trickster said. “How about you tell us and you get to keep an arm.” Killer Frost said frost surfacing from her hands. “Alright fine” there was a pause until trickster said something that surprised us all. “ This was all just a diversion he really is having Kendra take Grodd to this earth put him under mind control and kill everyone until you are his last victims.” Trickster said with his signature creepy laugh. Quickly I rounded everyone up including trickster and had Cisco breach him into the metahuman cage. Harry had said that devo had planted what looked like a bomb under the table set to go off in 30 seconds. We ran over to take a look and there it was a bomb with a voice message connected to it. Killer Frost quickly tried to freeze the bomb but before I could move it to nowhere the voice message played. “Remember Flash i’m always one step ahead of you.” Then it was not the bomb that blow up it was the Trickster. But we couldn’t face the past right now we had to find devo.

“Where exactly do you think Kendra would be taking Grodd?” Iris asked. Gypsy studied the flight patterns that were recorded that day while the Air Force was testing their next plane. “Well from what I saw, she was taking him north which is where Grodd’s old cave was when he trapped Caitlyn.” Gypsy said. They had come to the conclusion that they couldn’t have made it to earth 1 that would have to rest after all Grodd does weigh 700 lbs. Gypsy and Iris first went to Harry’s lab because he had made a weapon before, that could help stop the mind control of a human. Then once they noticed how to use the gun Gypsy had breached them there.

I had searched all of Central City looking for devo but he hadn’t been there. But Cisco had vibed devo in his old house with Marcel. That was it! He was too focused on trying to get her back, to re spark a flame that he hadn’t thought his plan all the way through he must have thought that we would have been blown up with trickster. This meant the plan was working. We are going to earth 2.

The cave was cold and quiet. “Kendra, we know you are here we are your friends it’s me Iris.” Kendra appeared atop a railing towards the top of the cave. “Why have you come here?” “Peter will be back any second with the spyler.” You have to remember. Kendra had lost her patience and came after Iris but just before the moment of impact Gypsy shot Kendra with a dart. Then Peter was back but this time with Grodd by his side. Gypsy shot Peter now Kendra and Peter were confused in terror like the moment before mind control had come running back, all their feelings then must have been too overwhelmed to stay awake. Grodd stood still like he couldn’t move, like he didn’t want to move. Iris and Gypsy studied Grodd but not to close in cause he fell out of the transe angry. In about five minutes later Peter and Kendra had awoken along with Grodd but Grodd wasn’t angry he wasn’t confused he just wanted to be loved. He went up to Iris and rubbed up against her. Iris decided to pet him back and then he sat waiting for someone to speak. “Where are we?” Peter asked. “You were being mind controlled by devo and you brought Grodd here to go back to earth 1.” Gypsy said. The look of shock crossed both Peter and Kendra’s faces. “Did we hurt anybody?” Kendra asked. “We don’t know that much yet but the real problem is devo.” Iris said. Just then a breach opened and out came Caitlyn, Ralph, Me and Cisco. Everyone was shocked to see us by the expression on their faces. “What is going on here?” I asked. “Peter and Kendra woke up from mind control, and apparently so did Grodd.” Gypsy said. “The weapon was only supposed to affect humans.” Cisco said. “My guess is that the contact between Kendra and Peter made Grodd follow along with the mind control, meaning that their minds are connected so that is why Grodd turned back to normal along with them.” Caitlyn said. “Well while all of this was happening we figured out that devo is in London, which is where his old house is with Marcel.” I said. “Meaning that are going to London Baby!” Ralph exclaimed.

Once Gypsy had breached us to London we had the whole gang back together including Kendra, Peter and Grodd. We arrived right in the living room of Marcel and Devo’s old house, when we heard yelling come from outside. Devo was yelling at Marcel and when we looked outside, devo was in his chair and hovering over Marcel ready to pounce. But just in time I took Marcel out of the way, while Ralph wrapped himself around him, then Iris shot him with a mind control dart that had a special ingredient to  drain all of devo’s gathered powers. After I had devo in my grasp I wanted to end it all, but I knew that that wasn’t justice and I would end up being no better than him. devo was weak so we took that opportunity to lock him up in the metahuman cages and destroy his thinking cap and spread its remainments into space. Grodd was still as nice as he had ever been so we ended up turning him back into a regular gorilla by draining the dark matter from his system, and making a new cage for him for him to spend the rest of his days there. Now that devo was gone and Central City is safe we can now send everyone back to their homelands, Gypsy, Jesse, Wally and Harry went back to Earth 2. Kendra and Peter were breached back to their century, and Team Flash once again saved the day.


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