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My name is Rahul and I am the world’s smartest person with the highest IQ in the whole. I own a company called Sky Tech. Sky Tech has been holding the 1st place position for best company in the world for the past 10 years. Sky Tech specializes in building missiles and in the medicine industry. My part-time job is helping the FBI and CIA to solve cases. This story is about my hardest and most terrifying case of all.

It all began at 3 in the morning, when I got a phone call from an unknown number. I didn’t understand how I got a call from an unknown number because I only give my phone number to my close friends and I had firewalls on my phone that prevent other people calling me. I slowly picked up the phone and took the call. I was relieved when I heard the voice on the phone because it was my friend Roxy from the CIA. Roxy and I have been friends for the past 16 years. Roxy is the only one who is almost as smart as me so it made sense that she got past my firewall. Roxy told me to come out of my house immediately. She sounded very scared, I didn’t understand why but I listened to her and came out of my house. When I came out of the house there were 20 police cars outside of my house. I realized that their was a serious problem. A police officer told me to get in the car. I asked the police officer what was happening, but he didn’t reply. I sat inside the car.

After a 1-hour journey, the car stopped in front of a mansion. There were more than 200 police officers roaming around. Roxy came out of the mansion with a frightened look on her face. She told me that this is a terrifying case and only you can solve it. This increased the curiosity in me. I slowly walked inside observing the surroundings. There were streaks of blood on the wall and bullets on the floor. When I went inside the mansion a man was lying on the ground drenched in blood. I went closer to see who the dead body was. I was shocked when I found out who it was. The person dead on the floor was Jason Clarke who was the CEO of Fam tech. Fam Tech was always 2nd best company in the world. Fam Tech always copied my ideas and released them so I hated Fam tech and its CEO Jason Clarke, but I still understood that my personal reasons shouldn’t come in the way of figuring out who killed Jason Clarke. When I asked Roxy why she was so terrified on the phone she pointed at the wall. When I set my eyes on the wall even, I was terrified. On the wall the words “I will kill Rahul, I will strike at BSC” was written in blood. I asked her if any DNA samples or fingerprints found. Roxy said that the forensics have bee searching for an hour, but they couldn’t find a single clue. I asked her for the CCTV footage, Roxy said that the hackers are working and that I will get it in a few minutes. I decided to look around the house for clues. I also was thinking about what “BSC” meant. When I looked around the house there were lots of pictures of different models of flights. That’s when I understood what “BSC” meant. BSC was an abandoned airport which acted as a secret headquarters for the CIA. I ran to tell Roxy this. When I got there all the police officers pointed their guns at me. I was so confused, I asked Roxy why the police officers were pointing their guns at me, she didn’t say anything but handed me an iPad. When I looked at the iPad it was the CCTV footage of the room. At first there was no one inside the room, but them Jason Clarke came running into the room with blood dripping from his stomach and behind him came a man with a gun in his hand and that man was me. I was so confused. Suddenly a police officer handcuffed my hands. I screamed to everyone that I didn’t do it, but no one showed any reaction. The police officer shoved me into a van. That van took me to a jail, and I was put in a cell.

Two days later, Roxy came to meet me. I told her that I didn’t kill Jason Clarke and that I was framed. Roxy said that she believed me and asked if I had any idea of who killed Jason Clarke. I told her that I didn’t know who it was but I knew where he was going to strike next and I told her everything about “BSC”. Roxy said that she was going to go there immediately but I said that she wouldn’t be able to enter because she doesn’t have that level of access and that she needs a hacker. She immediately understood what I was talking about and asked me how I was going to escape from jail. I gave her a paper with a name of a chemical, I told her to get this chemical from Sky tech and give it to me tomorrow. She asked what the chemical does, I told her that it temporarily makes a person dead for 20 minutes and I told her to come at exactly 9:45 tomorrow to the mortuary and pick me up from the back entrance. It was the safest way to escape because there were no cameras at the mortuary. I knew that Roxy wanted to know how I know that there would be no cameras at the mortuary, so I told her that last night I escaped my cell and went to the central control room of the jail and looked at the blueprints and that’s how I came to know where cameras are and aren’t. The next day she gave me the chemical. During dinner I mixed the chemical with my food and ate it. In a matter of seconds, I fainted. All the guards rushed towards me. They checked my pulse and confirmed that I was dead and took me to the mortuary. After that Roxy came and picked me up and took me to her house. She asked me what was the plan and I told her that she had to get a blue pen drive from my house which contained a security upgrade. I needed that pen drive because it would take me too much time to create a security upgrade from scratch. I couldn’t directly go to my house and get it because there would be police officers roaming around my house. Roxy went to my house and after an hour she got the pen drive.

Then, we both went to the BSC airport. It looked very plain and the building was very damaged. Roxy said that she doesn’t think that the murderer will strike here next. I told her that my instinct tells me that this is the place where the murderer will strike next. We slowly walked into the abandoned airport without making any noise. I suddenly told Roxy to stop walking because I realized that there were lasers in front of us. I found the main control panel for the security system. I hacked into it and disabled all security systems. We looked around for any secret door or entrance to the headquarters. I found a hatch in the floor that looked like an entrance to a sewage pipe. I opened it to see if it was a sewage pipe. My theory was wrong, when I opened the pipe there was a whole office. It was the middle of the night so there was no one in the office. Roxy and I slowly went down and looked for the mainframe. We found the mainframe easily, it was behind a bookshelf. I plugged in the pen drive and loaded my upgraded security system in 2 hours. Then, we went back to Roxy’s house. The next day after Roxy went to work, I turned on the news to see if there was anything about me escaping the jail but instead there was a breaking news about the whole CIA server crashing. Then, there was a video that showed me loading the pen drive into the mainframe. Now I was the most wanted criminal in the world. I didn’t understand how this happened. I was thinking of a way to prove to the CIA that I didn’t murder anyone and that I didn’t crash the CIA server. I suddenly remembered the CCTV footage that showed me killing Jason Clarke. I opened the video in Roxy’s computer. I looked at the video for hours trying to find a clue. While I was doing this there was an advertisement for a burger on TV. That’s when it struck me that the video might contain different layers. I inserted the video into my own video editing software and separated the layers. There were more than hundred layers in the video. I understood that the murderer took the CCTV footage of all the places I’ve been to and put them all together and made it look like I killed Jason Clarke. When I removed all the layers, I could see the face of the murderer clearly. The murderer was Ray Thompson who was my best friend and Roxy’s husband. Ray Thompson died one year ago, so I didn’t understand how and why he would kill Jason Clarke and frame me. Before Ray Thompson died, he worked in my company. He came up with an idea of inserting the DNA of a human being into a serum and inserting that serum into a missile and sending it to a enemy country. When the missile goes to an enemy country it won’t blast, instead it will release the serum into the atmosphere and the DNA will become a body. Ray Thompson’s idea was to give it to the military so they can make surprise attacks. I rejected the idea and told him not to work on it because if this idea gets into enemy hands it could cause world war 3. After a few days Ray died and I thought it was just because of stress but now he was back alive. I thought about why he would frame me. After a few hours, I realized that Ray was probably mad at me for rejecting his idea, so he probably created the serum and put his DNA into it and created a fake body to make it look like he was dead. Then, I guessed that a few days ago Roxy released the serum into the atmosphere and Ray came back alive. Then, Ray and Roxy created a plan to frame me and send me to jail forever because then the company would go to Roxy and Ray and then he will execute his plan. To see if my theory was true or not, I followed Roxy the whole day. At the end of the day Roxy went to an abandoned warehouse and inside the warehouse i saw Ray and Roxy. Roxy and Ray were very happy that I was now the most wanted criminal and then they discussed their future plans. I recorded all of this and sent it to the director of CIA including the location. In a matter of minutes, a swarm of police officers came to the abandoned warehouse and arrested both of them. They were both sentenced to jail for the rest of their life. I didn’t meet or talk to them for the rest of my life. On the news, the director of CIA stated that I was innocent, and my life went back to normal. My company was still number one and I still continued solving cases

The End

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