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“ Do you, Stacy Van Hawk, swear to tell the truth,

and nothing but the truth.”  Boomed the judge.


“Yes.”  Stacy said.


“ Stacy, tell me, did you kill  Lilian Clare Hawk?”


From this, Stacy started to cry. A single tear started running down her face as she tried to keep herself calm.


“ No.”  she whispered


She cleared her throat. “ No.”  she said louder.


The hearing went on, and Stacy answered every one of the questions with pure honesty. When she had answered all the questions, she was escorted out of the room into a room out in the hall. As she was walking into the room, Tony Foster walked out of another room a couple doors down the hall. He looked over and when he saw her he just smiled, looked away and walked into the courtroom.


Tony sat down and then everybody rose as the judge entered the room. When everybody sat down, his hearing began.


“ Tony Foster, do you deny killing Lilian Clare Hawk?”


“Yes.”  He said proudly.


As he said it, he looked up into the camera, with cold hatred because he knew I was watching. He knew that I could hear and see him, and everything that was happening. He knew he was lying and so did I but no one else could tell. He was so good at it he almost fooled me ; almost ; but I knew. I knew that he had done it. He had murdered my mother and framed me because he knew I had a bad relationship with her. We yelled and fought, yes, but I loved her all the same.


The way he looked at me like I did it ;like I murdered her ; It was sick. I fought the tears that were trying to run down my face.


“ Thank you.”  The judge hit the gavel against the desk. “One hour recess!”  She boomed.


I left the courthouse crying and I drove to a restaurant across the street. That’s where I had lunch. I ordered some fries, a burger and a coffee to go. I sat in my car eating and trying to get myself together. Today I was missing my exam for English-30.


I think I will go get some lunch at Dairy Queen. I walked to the counter and looked at the order  board. I ordered a deluxe burger with fries and a caramel blizzard with an ice coffee and sat at a table with some friends that met me here.


I decided a burger and fries wasn’t enough and drove over to DQ. The second I walked in the door he looked up and our eyes met. He was laughing. He was with friends, and he was laughing. I walked to the ordering counter, not looking at him. I ordered a cookies and cream blizzard. I was waiting for it at another counter. The lady at the till handed me my blizzard and I paid her and just as I did so he spoke into my ear softly.


“Hello Stacy.”  


I froze dropping my blizzard.


“I need you to say it was you. I need you to plead guilty for me.”   Tony whispered.


Everyone was looking at us and just then he said louder, “Come on, Stacy, I’ll walk you to your car.”  


Then he took my arm and walked me to the door and took me outside.


“Stacy, you need to listen to me. You need to listen to my voice.”  He whispered in a seductive voice that felt like a drug ;pulling me in.


She was falling for it. She stopped fighting me. I let her go and she stood. Good.  


“Stacy, please follow me.”


“Okay.”   she whispers


We walked into an alley. Then it all happened so fast. A blur of movement.


I quickly took something up off the ground. A pipe. I hit her. She falls.


He moves closer. My eyes are open slightly but soon I can’t keep them open. I black out and then nothing.


I kneel down and check her pulse. Still alive. I drag her farther into the alley. I pull her behind a large dumpster. I walk back to the Dairy Queen and sit back down with my friends.


“So, um, I was thinking we walk down the back alley to the club before I have to get back to work. How’s that sound to you, Kyle? ;Jay?


“Yeah sounds great.”  said Kyle.


“Well actually I have to get back to work after this coffee. Thanks though.”  answered Jay.


“ Yeah no problem. See ya later. Me and Kyle will swing over to the club.”  laughed Tony


“Okie dokie. Later.”  said Jay.


Me and Kyle walk into the alley. We walk a few meters and then Kyle cries out, “Holy crap! Tony there’s a girl here! Hey is this the girl you walked out of the restaurant?  She’s beeding! We gotta get her to a hospital.”


“Kay. I’ll bring the truck around. Bring her to the end of the alley here!” Tony yelled


Tony brought the truck around and we drove her to the hospital. They put her on a stretcher and took her inside. We were told to come back when they phoned.


Kyle drove home. I drove back to the court house. When I got there I went in & said my statement. I had too much to drink and said a different story than last time. The jury noticed. “Tony Foster, you are excused.”


They bring me back in the courtroom when Stacy didn’t show.they asked me to tell them where Stacy was. When I said I didn’t  know they brought in Kyle. “Tony? What are you doing? Stacy? Remember? The girl we drove to the hospital?”


“What? Of course I remember.” I start sweating.


“But you just said you didn’t know?”


His face dropped.


“Tony foster!, You are guilty of first degree murder and attempted murder. You lied and lied again. You are hereby sentenced to death.”


Tony stands tall and smiles. “You are just doing me a favour.”    


“Hmm?”  Stacy groans. “Mm. Where am I?”  


“Your ok. You’re  in the hospital.”


I lay back down and close my eyes. “Is he gone?”


“Pardon me?”


“ Call the Nesburry court. Tell them I’m awake. And ask them if he’s gone.” I whisper.


Later that night the nurse came in and told me what they said. “They said he’s gone.”  She smiled. “ You can rest now.”


“I will.”  I closed my eyes again and fell asleep.

AB (Alberta)