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I Try to Stay Calm

By: Stephanie


I feel the wind rushing through my hair, the burning sun on my rosy cheeks, the feeling you have on an elevator when your stomach turns upside down. I look down and my hands are turning red from gripping the handlebars so tight. I hear the laughter of the kids behind me, the conversations of the adults in front of me, but as hard as I try to stay calm, all I feel is fear, straight up fear. And at that very moment, I hear a scream, a scream of a young child, a scream of horror and fear, my own scream. Then it stops, everything stops, I hop out of my seat and look up in the air to see a giant roller coaster that I somehow convinced myself to ride. And right then is when I shout “I want to do it again!!!” And I run to the back of the enormous line.

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