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The Rat Named Squeakers



Chapter 1

I once was a happy little rat, living in a cage was better than where I am now. Hi, i’m a Dwarf Rat named Squeakers! My owner got me December 25th, 2012, her name is Charlotte. She was five when she got me, now she is seven, years fly by don't they? I live in Tucson, Arizona with Charlotte’s parents and her older brother, he’s 16 years old. It was July 14th, 2014, the hottest day in Arizona when everything changed.

“MOOOOOM!” Charlotte said.

“What?” Mom replied.

“When are we leaving?”

“In a bit.”

Charlotte came running into her room and stopped herself right at my cage. As she lifted up the blanket that was over the cage I woke up feeling the heat of the sun beating against my fur. She picked me up slowly but excitedly she bursted out into laughter from how messed my fur was, so she sat and brushed the fur. I saw her mom in the doorway smiling and twirling her hair while staring at us. “Squeakers your getting a roommate!” Charlotte screamed. “Now don’t think I love the other rat more because i’ll love you both equally.” She sounded stern.

“That was supposed to be a surprise!” Her mom said.

“I couldn't hide it sorry.”

She didn't sound serious this time. Charlotte put me back in my cage then locked it shut. She ran into her mom's arms and gave her a hug. \

“Thank you mommy i've always wanted another rat Squeakers is probably lonely!”

As Charlotte said that Squeakers heart stopped for a second.



Chapter 2

Squeakers thought maybe she doesn’t love me and she doesn’t want me? She pushed on the cage door it didn't budge a single bit. Squeakers pushed on the door for what felt like forever but was actually 15 minutes, it still didn't budge! It was now 5:30pm and Squeakers couldn’t take being in that cage any longer so she ran as fast at a old lady walking. This time the the metal bar on the door broke and the swung open. BAM! Squeakers hit the ground when she looked up she saw the bedroom. She looked around trying to find a way out. The smell of freshly baked cookies filled the air making her wonder if Charlotte’s dad was home. Squeakers saw the door creak open a little so she ran underneath the stand that held her cage.


Charlotte's dad screamed. He left the room checking all over the house. He saw that the window in the living room was opened so he ran outside to check. Squeakers came out of hiding once the coast was clear. As she waddled into the kitchen she smelt something burning, it was also getting hotter as she got closer. When she reached the kitchen she saw what looked red and orange, it looked like what Charlotte called fire when she read to Squeakers. No this can’t be fire! How do I fix this we need to call for help! Squeakers two thoughts didn’t work out as well because when she tried to get closer she couldn’t stand the heat, so she tried dialing 911 on the house phone. That phone isn’t strong at all!

Back in the car with Squeakers rat friend named Scamper they were about a block away when they could see smoke and smell fire. “Mom that looks like its coming from our house!” Charlotte sounded worried and scared.

“Sweety don’t think that our house is ok dad is home.”

She sounded normal so Charlotte went back to staring at her new Dwarf Rat baby. Ring Ring. Mom picks up the phone and answers it.

“Hello?”. “Um don’t get mad but um…”

Mom speaks right through dad’s sentence


“Um the house is on fire and Squeakers is gone!”

Mom hung up and speed down the street and stopped right in front of the house.

“Mommy where is Squeakers?”

Charlotte was now crying and holding Scamper in a tight but not hurtful hug.

“Sweetie can you go around the neighborhood and ask if they’ve seen her?”

How did she sound calm when the house was on fire and Squeakers was gone?

“FINE but I get another rat after this!”

Dark fell down quicker than normal and Charlotte was staring out of her grandmas bedroom window she saw how empty the city was at night.

“Sweety Charlotte we haven’t found Squeakers yet.”

Her grandma said.

“I miss her she is the only thing I had!”

Charlotte was furious!

“Darling we ca…”

Charlotte interrupted her grandma yelling

“No don't darling me i’m seven not five!”

She ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut then locked it.



Chapter 3


Squeakers found herself in a small town called Tubac, Arizona. Wait this place looks familiar she thought. Charlotte had taken Squeakers to her grandma’s before so Squeakers kinda knew where she was now. She had waddled about 48 miles in one day! She reached a neighborhood that looked similar to charlotte's grandmas so she went up to a house and jumped onto the window and sat. Two hours had past and still none looked outside the window, it was 2am so that's probably why. Another hour had past and Charlotte's brother Gabe looked out the window.

“Charlotte come here now!”

He yelled in excitement.

“I’m trying to sleep!”

She was barely even awake when she spotted Squeakers!


She ran to the door and unlocked it. As she ran to Squeakers she started crying when she picked her up Squeakers felt a special connection with Charlotte. Her family was standing outside staring at them as they hugged a tight hug, almost hurting Squeakers! They walked inside and Charlotte put Squeakers in her new cage she got for Scamper.

“Hi, I’m Scamper what’s your name?”

Scampers voice was high pitch but also low pitch but it wasn’t medium. It was the next morning, Charlotte was up by 6am and she usually would sleep until somewhere around 8am. Squeakers was huddled up in a ball by the food bowl waiting for some food as Charlotte came up and woke her up from a very deep sleep! Charlotte opened the cage slowly and carefully and snatched Squeakers and set her down on the floor. When she finally decided to open her eyes she saw the sun glaring on Charlotte's curly blonde hair and she felt as if she found herself the perfect owner any rat could ask for.

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