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      On the large island of Monesteek, a battle raged. It was between the Griffin Tribe and the Dragon Tribe. For years this battle went on, and no one even remembered why they were fighting. The war needed to be stopped as soon as possible, not just for the two tribes, but for the tribes around them. The battle lands were going over the border of the Unicorn’s territory, and inflicting the Nymph’s village.

     “We must do something!” shouted Nautilus, a Leader of Peace from the Unicorn Tribe. Every tribe had a group of Leaders of Peace among them.

     “Find the Pegasus Tribe! They are known as The Peacekeepers! Make them end this war!” someone in the room replied back.

     Looking around the small table at all the faces watching him and waiting for answers, Nautilus sighed. “I know I said we must do something quick, but you cannot rely on me for the answers. I don’t know what to do. Any other ideas?”

     More and more shouts filled the room, fighting over what they should do. Anxiety and stress was spreading from one to the other quickly. Finally, after a few minutes and some help from the non-arguers, Nautilus was able to quiet them down again.

     It took a minute, but Nautilus soon came up with a plan. Thinking fast, he said, “I know what to do. My plan is to go up north, warn the Pegasuses, instruct them what to do, and come back. I, Starlight, and Merrow will go. If anyone else would like to volunteer they may. It will take time, but it will be worth it. Good?”

     “Wait,” Merrow, a young stallion said. “What if they don’t want to help?”

     Nautilus closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again. “I assure you, Merrow, they will be willing to help. Any more questions?”

     Heads shook side to side. Nautilus’ face was serious but you could tell inside he was also unsure. He made eye contact with everyone around him.

     “It is set. We leave for the Pegasus Territory tomorrow morning at sunrise.”


      It was a peaceful day in the Pegasus Village that morning. No harm going around, no nothing. Stormy, a curious filly always getting into trouble, was wandering around the village as always on nice days. Stormy was an orphaned foal, but she didn’t mind. She was independent and could do as she pleased. Though sometimes village members would take her in and let her sleep in their hut for the night, she usually slept in a small hut she had made herself just outside the village.

     The rainforest was a perfect place for the Pegasuses. It was peaceful, they were hidden from harm, and it was a beautiful place where inspiration grew.

     The day was going on just fine until a group of Unicorns arrived. The one who acted as the leader, who looked very nervous, said first, ”Hello. I am Nautilus. We are part of the Leaders of Peace from the Unicorn Tribe. We have come to warn you about the war going on between the Dragons and the Griffins.”

     “What do you expect us to do about that? We have no power over the Dragons nor the Griffins.” Cornaya, the pegasus Nautilus was talking to said.

     “You’d be better than a unicorn! Your tribe is known as The Peacekeepers. Listen, all we want you to do is send a few members over to the battle lands and convince them to stop the war. It is inflicting a lot of different tribes’ villages. It’s even coming close to the edge of ours. Please, Monesteek needs your help.”

     Cornaya looked stressed already, for she was always very easily stressed. “I will tell our Leaders of Peace. I promise.” she said without hesitance to Stormy’s surprise. (Stormy was hiding in the shadows behind a bush--which didn’t cover her white coat very well so she could very easily be seen).

     As Nautilus and his traveling herd walked away, Cornaya mumbled under her breath, “but whom shall we send? Autumn? Night?” she took a deep sigh.

     Stormy popped out of the shadows. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it! Please, Cornaya? Please?” Cornaya had been like a mother to Stormy. Stormy knew she could trust her for anything. But she said no and walked past Stormy.

     “Aw, come on Cornaya. I’ll be fine, if that’s what you’re worried about. I’ve been fending for myself here, why can’t I there?”

     Cornaya snapped her wings open and twirled around towards Stormy. “It’s dangerous there! You are only a filly, and we cannot risk losing some of our young.” she turned back around and started walking towards the center of the village to tell the Leaders of Peace from their tribe.


     “Yes, Stormy. Some. We’re not sending one poor Pegasus to stop a war.”

     “It’s a battle. There’s a distinct different. A war is a—“

     Cornaya interjected,” Stormy, I’m sorry. I don’t have time for you right now. This is a serious situation. See you later.” she began to trot off, then when far enough away began to canter.

     Stormy hunched her shoulders and twitched her wither to get a fly off. She sighed and walked off to her small hut leaning against a large pine tree. Of course Cornaya wouldn’t let her go. She was “too young.” To Stormy there was no such thing. She could already fly. She could find her own food. She could talk to others in public without getting nervous—she could also very easily trick others into thinking something. Those were all the main things she needed to travel and stop a battle. Stormy was lost in the maze of convincing Cornaya.

    Right then, a thought occurred to her. What if she didn’t need to convince Cornaya? What if she could convince the Pegasuses Leaders of Peace?

    That might just work. Thought Stormy.

    She began to canter, then began galloping. She shot her wings out, and burst into the air. She was going to fly towards the main village and convince the Leaders of Peace. Her plan would work perfectly.


    “Are you out of your mind?” one of the Leaders of Peace, who’s name was Limbel, shouted. “You could be killed! You are our future! Do you know how the other tribes on Monesteek would react if they heard that we had sent out a young filly to stop a war?”

    “It is actually a battle, sir, not a war.” Stormy corrected politely in a small voice.

    “Yes, yes, of course. But still, we cannot send you out alone either.” Limbel said again, beginning to turn his wheels.

    A liver chestnut Pegasus flew down from the balcony. “You’re right, Limbel. We can’t send her alone.”

    She was a beautiful mare, and her name was Silica. She was the head of the Leaders of Peace for the Pegasuses. Silica was always calm, always thinking about things. “We could send her with two others of her age. Each a specific skill given to them. In an ancient time, young Pegasuses were given a power and sent to help other situations. Such thing could be used in this situation.”

    Stormy had seen Silika from far away glances and on balconies but never this close. The mare was standing right next to her! Stormy’s eyes were wide with curiosity as she said,”Oh, that would be amazing! I could have a power of my own! How wonderful!”

     Leaders of Peace whom were standing on pedestals in front of Stormy objected. “Why fillies and colts?” and, “Why not Pegasuses already with multiple powers and strength! And who have been in battles before?”

    Silica opened her large dark wings. Silence followed.

    “Limbel and Quare, go to the outside villages and find two foals. A colt named Rory and a filly named Terra. Go now while it is still daylight.” Silica said after the silence.


    The sun was right above the weeping willow tree in the center of the village when Stormy and Silica walked outside. Walking at a leisurely pace, they walked and talked for a long time while waiting for the others to return with the two new arrivals.

    “So what will my power be? Super speed? Fire?” Stormy asked politely, but with much question. She flapped her wings and lifted off the ground for a few seconds, and noticed markings on Silica’s croup. She landed and kept walking along Silica’s side. On her croup there were markings of what looked like a raindrop, a fireball, and a snowflake. The markings were larger than a walnut but smaller than Stormy’s hoof.

    “What are those for? Or from?” asked Stormy, nodding at the markings.

    Silica was silent for a moment, but then said,”They are markings of my powers. I haven’t used them in years, but I can use them when I need them.” She sounded very hushed, and Stormy wondered why.

    Stormy fought with her mind whether she would ask or not. Finally, she said,”Why do you sound so hush-hush about it? Just wondering.” She didn’t want to sound rood, and she knew she had already asked a million questions within only ten minutes.

     Silica did not seem to mind Stormy’s curiosity at all. She answered,”I got them when I was a little older than you. They were from my mother, who was one of the most powerful living things on the island. She passed them on to me for when I needed them. I do not like to speak of them because as far as I know, no other Pegasus in this village has powers alike these.”

    Stormy was out of words. Even out of questions. “Oh” was all she could say.

    ‘One of the most powerful living things on the island’? ‘No other Pegasus in this village with powers alike these’? Stormy repeated in her head. What? How? Why?

     A long silence followed. To break the silence, a moment later Limbel and Quare paraded in with two foals Stormy had never seen before.

    The first one said his name was Rory. His coat was as black as night and he had a white star on his forelock that caught Stormy’s eye. His eyes were wide with curiosity and anxiety all at the same time. “Er, um-hello?” he said hesitantly. Stormy could already tell he was going to be the weaker one. He had a very weak stance and spoke with no confidence.

    The second one said her name was Terra, and she said it with so much passion it annoyed Stormy already. A know-it-all. It was very clear to see. She stood with so much confidence and pride that Stormy could already tell that her experience with her wasn’t going to be the best thing ever.

    She was a palomino, a creamy colored coat with a pure white mane and white tail. She looked Stormy up and down, eying her pure white body and blue watch eyes. Terra, too, had blue watch eyes.

    Silica nudged Stormy with her wing.

    “Oh, er, um. My name is Stormy.” said Stormy. She just wanted to get her new powers and go already—though she didn’t want to say anything since Silica was right next to her. She may have been an orphan, but she had manners.

    “Silica, I am so sorry, but I have to go. There’s this meeting thing…” Quare began. Stormy didn’t really listen to the conversation going on, but a few seconds later she realized that Quare had left and it was just her, Limbel, Silica and the other foals.

    “Limbel,” said Silica,”I hope you have explained to these two foals what is going on. You can’t go into something big without knowing the cause and the effect.” Silica’s elegance and intelligent way she talked flooded Stormy’s mind with wonder and inspiration. Her flaxen mane, tail and wing feathers flowed with the sudden breeze in waves of beauty.

    “Oh, well, I—“ Limbel choked. He obviously hadn’t told Terra and Rory what was going on.

    Surprisingly, Silica did not get angry. All she did was turn to Rory and Terra and explain to them what was going on. She, alike Stormy, did not want to waste time standing here and doing nothing.

    Once Silica was done explaining, Rory looked even more nervous and self conscious while Terra acted as if she was chosen to save some planet and everyone would look up to her in the end.

     Before Stormy knew it, her, Terra and Rory were all getting their new powers. Silica stood in front of Rory first. A gust of wind came upon them and the sound of rushing water filled the air. But there was no water in sight. Suddenly, the wind picked up, then was gone. Not even a breeze remained.

    Rory looked back at his croup. “Oh my gosh! What is that! Is that my power?”

    “Yes, Rory.” soothed Silica. “That is most certainly your power. You have the power of water and air. Along with those comes invisibility. Use them wisely. It can be very, very powerful.”

    Rory gave a slight nod, indicating that his mind was going in all different directions of worry all while trying to keep his body calm.

    Terra was next. While no one knew what was going to happen, a ball of fire immediately came barreling from the sky. It dashed in circles, loops and finally exploded in thin air. Terra turned and saw a small ball of fire on her croup. “Cool!” She said. “What does it do? “

    “This power can be very dangerous if not used carefully. You will be able to control and create fire and also teleport.”

    Terra’s jaw dropped in surprise and awe.

    Silica turned to Stormy. Anticipation bubbled and popped inside Stormy. She couldn’t wait any longer.

    A sudden chill came into the air. Snowflakes began to form around them and started sticking to each other like magnets. Soon enough, there was a ball of ice that exploded in the air above them. A glow came from behind Stormy and when she looked, a blue snowflake lay on her croup imprinted in her skin.

    “Wow. Now that’s cool.” breathes Stormy.

    “You, Stormy, have the power of ice.” replied Silica. “You can use it for many things. There is also the power of stopping time that comes with it. Use these two very carefully.”

    “I will.”


    After that, it was all kind of a blur to Stormy. She remembered walking to the edge of the forest on the Pegasus’s Territory. Silica gave them firm directions and guidelines. She explained why she couldn’t come with them or send anyone older and more experienced. From there, Rory, Terra and Stormy herself flew off towards the battlelands. They paced themselves, for they all knew they would be flying for a long, long time.

    They flew gracefully and quickly, yet not knowing what dangers and challenges lay before them in the rapid future.

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