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Volleyball is everything. I eat, sleep and breath volleyball. This sport is very different compared to basketball,baseball,soccer or even football. 7th grade year was my year to shine I was ready for whatever challenges were gonna come. I decided to do athletics which I was really nervous about it because I wasn’t very athletic at all. Volleyball is the first sport of the year with football so, I decided that that would be a good sport to tryout for. In athletics you have to at least tryout for 2 sports so I did volleyball. We had tryouts the 3rd day of school and I had no clue how to even set a ball. The day had come The first day of tryouts came up and they put us in groups to start passing the ball that was the only thing I new how to do was pass. I unexpectedly did well. The next day is were we focused on serving which i’m very short so i can’t even get the ball over the net.  I tried and tried and couldn’t do it, luckily I was good at everything else we had to do that day. This was the last day of trouts and I had so much nerves because I wanted to make the team so bad. We mainly paid attention to setting since we hadn’t really done anything like that. They said they were gonna post the results at 4:15 that evening. I walked up there with so much nerves and it turned out I made the team!! I was so excited. The next day they told us what team we made i was hoping to make B team but I made C team which is fine i’m at least excited that I had even made the team at all. This new season of life was crazy I had volleyball practice until 5:00 every day except for fridays cause our games were on Thursdays. Thursdays were the most chaotic out of the whole week I had band every morning from 6:50 till the bell rang at 8:05 and i was there till at least 9:00 cause of my volleyball games. I still enjoyed every second of it cause I had never done anything like it before. A and B team were so supporting during our games they would cheer us on with all these different chantes. My teammates were amazing even though we only one 1 game I still love each and everyone of them for helping us survive some of the games when we felt defeated. But some days we just went out there and played great we would practice so hard on Mondays,Tuesdays and Wednesdays and it would pay off. Volleyball had become my life for 2 months and I had loved every second of it. Except when our coach made us run for not playing good during out games or if we did bad in practice. All we ever did was run suicides which I thought I was gonna die when i ran those. 7th grade volleyball was different than I thought it was gonna be I was expecting mean coaches and for us to do terrible at our games but it turns out it was different at least most of the time. Our coaches were so supporting they would work us hard every so we could give them 110% every single day we went to practice. My volleyball season was coming to a close we had 2 games left and a tournament. The day came of my tournament and I was beyond excited to play even though we had to wake up at 7:00 to get there at 7:30. We got on the bus super early and we started to hed to the high school. We arrived and the school was huge we unloaded the bus and sat our stuff down and started practicing and doing our stretches the other team wasn’t very good we could tell. The refs said it was time to start and I started to feel sick cause I was so nervous. I was a starter and so I ran on to the court and got ready to go. The ref blew the whistle and the game had officially started. The ball came directly toward me and I just gave it my all and went for it. The game had gone on and they had won one and we had won one. They had 23 points we had 20 points it all came down to emma’s serve if she could just get it over we could have a chance in this tournament. Emma made the serve over and I went nuts because I was thinking we were gonna lose, but they had also scored so now it was 24 to 23 if they scored one more point they were gonna win. Unfortunately we didn't win that day but I still loved playing with my team and the season isn't over just yet I still had 2 more games to play. 2 weeks later I was about to play my last volleyball game there were so many emotions going through my head at that moment I couldn’t even think straight. I was happy and sad because didn't want it to end but i was happy with all the memories that i had made during this season of volleyball. We didn't win our last game but i didn't really care because i thought we did great. Volleyball was eventually over and my time was great. 8th grade year is gonna be so much better i’m gonna learn and grow and finally learn how to serve a volleyball. Overall my time as a BJHS lady buccaneer was great my coaches were the amazing my team was always encouraging me and my family supported me through i all. I’m gonna try even harder than this year and maybe i might make A team but you never know. I really do Eat sleep and breath volleyball.

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