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"All you ever do is eat!” Charley said angrily. Charley and her twin brother were fighting in the car. 

“Well maybe if you didn’t take so long in the bathroom, you would have gotten a chance to eat!” Benny said throwing it in her face.

Charley zipped up her backpack and said calmly, “Well, I still didn’t get to eat, and you could have saved some for me instead of eating two bowls.” 

The twins mom pulled up to the school, “Have a good day, and try to get along” she said.

“Okay, bye.”  Benny said while getting out of the car.

Charley closed the door and said to her mom, “Goodbye”.  Charley followed Benny out of the car and tried to forget about what just happened. 

In 1st hour, Charley and Benny’s science teacher told them they were going to the park that was right across the street, for a brain break.  She also told them they would be going all week. 

While the twins were at the park on Monday, they played wiffle ball with a few of their other friends.  

During the second inning, a school bus pulled up in the parking lot, and a kid the twins had never seen before stepped out of the bus.

“He is like 8 feet tall!” Benny exclaimed while staring at the new kid.

“I know Right! I bet a giraffe could walk in between his legs!”  Charley said in terror.  As the twins were staring in awe at the new kid, their science teacher popped right in front of them and startled them.

“Everybody turn off your mouth and open your ears,” she said fiercely,  “We have a new kid that will be joining our school this year.  He moved from California to come here to Texas. Everybody welcome Kingston Stewart”.

“Do you want to come play catch with me?” Benny asked as everyone was welcoming Kingston.

“Yeah, sure,” Kingston mumbled.

As the boys were playing catch with a dusty leather white laced football, Kingston sneezed and caught the attention of the other kids playing wiffle ball. They called out Kingston’s name and asked if he wanted to come play wiffle ball with them.

Kingston yelled over, “Yeah I’ll be right there!” Kingston turned to Benny and just said, “Bye.”

While Kingston said bye, he threw the football as hard as he could at Benny’s head, who was not expecting it. Benny fell to the ground and bonked his head on the soccer goal post. He wouldn’t move so the school called his mom. His mom took him to the hospital.

“This concussion is very severe, and it would be best if Benny took some time off from football,” said the doctor trying to break the news.

“For how long?” Benny mumbled with tears in his eyes.

“About 4 weeks,” the doctor responded.

The next day, during 1st hour, they went back to the park. Charley went over to the field to play wiffle ball. While Charley was warming up to get ready to hit a home run, Kingston went over to the pitcher.

“Hey if you nail Charley with a ball I’ll pay you 10 bucks!” Kingston said secretly.

“Deal, where’s my money?” agreed the pitcher.

Kingston showed him the money then gave it to him. The pitcher put the money in his pocket, and Charley stepped up to the plate ready to hit a home run! Then without warning, the pitcher threw the bright yellow wiffle ball with grass stains seeping through the bottom of the ball as hard as he could at Charley’s leg. Charley fell to the ground, bursting in tears!

While she was crying, Kingston secretly went over to the pitcher and gave him a low five.

“Good job,” he whispered pretending to look upset.

When Charley finally calmed down, she looked at her leg and there was a HUGE purple and red bruise!

As a result of that happening, Charley had to sit by the science teacher who smelled like a wet dog!

“Sick”, she thought to herself.

Today is the 3rd day that the kids have gone to the park during science class. This time Kingston decided to go and swing on the swing set that was right next to the wiffle ball field. All the other kids either went to play football or wiffle ball. While Kingston was on the swings, two kids got into an argument on the field. Things got so aggressive that they started to throw stuff at each other, like bats, wiffle balls, gloves, and a whole lot more! The teachers tried to break them up, but they wouldn’t stop! One thing led to another, and a bat went flying over to the swing sets! It hit Kingston’s head, and he blacked out!

“Kingston, Kingston are you okay?!” Charley screamed to try and wake him up.

“Call 911!” Benny yelled.

The ambulance came and pulled Kingston away on a stretcher Benny and Charley road along in the ambulance to comfort him.

While they were in the hospital Kingston finally sat up very slowly while holding his head, and dried tears on his face.

“Where am I?” Kingston mumbled.

“You’re in the hospital,” Charley whispered.

“My head hurts,” Kingston said still holding his head.

“I bet! You got hit over the head with a bat,” Benny giggled, nudging him.

Kingston laughed with him then thanked them for coming.

“No problem,” Benny answered.

“lf l tell you guys something, will you get mad?” Kingston asked with a concerned look on his face.

“No we won’t get mad, what is it?” Charley said, looking a bit curious.

“Okay,” He paused, “well, so you know how I chucked a ball at your face Benny?”

“Yeah so, you did it on accident.” Benny said looking confused.

“Well ..... I did it on purpose,” Kingston paused for a second, “and you know the ball that the pitcher threw at you Charley, well I paid him 10 bucks so he would nail you. Please don’t be mad because I am really sorry for everything that I have done. Now that I see that you guys were the only ones to come to the hospital to comfort me, and are being really nice to me and everyone. I feel like a real jerk! I mean, Charley you are even still nice to the pitcher who nailed you with a ball, after he didn’t even say sorry or anything!”

“It’s okay, I forgive you.” Benny said while shaking Kingston’s hand.

“Yeah, me too.” Charley said with a smile on her face.

“Why did you do all of that stuff though? Were we being rude or mean to you when you first came to our school?” Charley replied.

“No, it’s just that at my old school, I used to get bullied for being so tall. They would call me giraffe man and more terrible names as well. I just thought that if I was the one who did all the rude stuff then no one would make fun of me. I’ve learned now, that’s not the right thing to do so I will never do it again, I promise!” Kingston said looking ashamed.

“That’s all right, now we know that you're actually sorry, there are no hard feelings!” Benny said with a smile on his face.

“What about you Charley?” Kingston asked looking scared.

“Yeah, no hard feelings.” She said very happily.

One year later, The three of them are still best friends, ever since the visit to the hospital!

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