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Hansard 1

Aaliyah Hansard

The Two Opposites

I only have one question, Can you ever be too clean? Wait, sorry my name is Charles, and my best friend's name is Timothy. I’m going to describe to you me and then Timothy. The reason I am telling you this is so you can tell the difference between me and Tim. I love the taste of coffee in the morning. I always sweep,mop, or vacuum daily. The reasoning for that is because I am a very clean person.  I hate the touch of Timothy’s damp socks. The smell Timothy had was so vulgar. All Timothy does is leave a horrible mess. I don’t want dishes in my sink, nor do I want my chairs away from my table. My friend is really bad about keeping things clean. Ughh!! If you think that being too clean is crazy, then you might as well say that you are crazy too. What makes you think that being too clean is crazy?

I always before didn’t have a cleaning probleming. It all started when I was a little boy and I did something bad. I was being a kid and of course I decided to do something bad. So, my mom decided to put me a room for 2 days. This room wasn’t a regular room, it was the most disgusting room I’ve ever seen. Being in there for 2 days taught me to clean until the room was spotless. I was so terrified of things being dirty because the room scared me.  

My only problem is the foulness this man had for our house. This just infuriates me. I believe things should be put back the way they were found. No, No, just no! Not when it comes to my friend. He’s nasty, just nasty! I’ve known him since we were little. We’ve been friends since we were little; our mothers were best friends, too. That’s how we became friends, if you

Hansard 2

were wondering. It’s only one thing; the fact he can’t keep anything clean or just won’t clean up at all. I would have never expected that my best friend would soon turn into my worst nightmare.

My best friend, Timothy, is not a bad person, but he’s just really disgusting. He leaves his clothes everywhere, never cleans the dishes, and never ever keeps the house the way it’s supposed to be. Now the one rule that is set isn’t that hard, it is to keep the house clean the proper way. Timothy never seems to think of the one and only rule when he decides to do something. Soon after tonight I won’t have to worry about that anymore. So, now that I got your attention let me finish the rest. But please, don’t forget that you can never be too clean.

The thing that gets me is the fact that people are trying make it seem like it’s my fault what happened. I believe that people who follow rules will never get in trouble or be put in harm's way. I decided that this all just had to end, and it had to end soon before I just lost my mind. So, it was one fine night.The winds were whispering to me in the night. I believed it. I waited to evaluate Timothy, just think about how dumb he was for not caring about anything, especially not about me or my rules. I could’ve never thought that I was the one to kill him, but turns out I am a lot stronger than him. I was worried about if anybody was going to hear him scream; but no, no one did at all! By now you probably think I am crazy, but you can’t be crazy

for taking out the trash. Now, can you ever be too clean? And this time, I was determined to get my way.

Although, many people called me weird because no one likes to sweep, mop, or vacuum all day like me. Is that ever too clean?  Timothy said to me, “I promise you, tonight is the last night of partying.” I said to him, “Don’t worry about it.” Although, he just didn’t know I already

Hansard 3

knew it was coming to an end. I didn’t want to make a mess with any of his blood. I knew the easiest way to end it would be suffocation or poison. So I decided to suffocate him while he was sleeping. I felt bad for a split second, but then I remembered he put me through all this mess, and

I knew he got what he deserved. My thoughts kept me cleaning. I knew nobody would find me suspicious at all because I always clean, but just in case I decided to not to leave a trace back to me.

You are probably wondering what I did with Timothy’s body. Well, at first I didn’t know what to do with it because I was trying to be very sneaky about it. I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to destroy the body the right was, so I burned it. The body will never leave a trace if the body was burnt. So, yes I am very cautious about the way I got rid of the body.  You’re thinking I am crazy right now, but the best way to do it was by burning it.

Everyone was looking for Timothy, even me. I played along for a long time. No one found out and still to this day no one knows I killed my “best friend” Timothy. Have you ever thought that the person who killed my best friend was me.  If only Timothy could’ve be a lot cleaner, he wouldn’t be missing to this day. I still hear the voices telling me how right I am for being so bold and finishing off the problem. I want everyone to know if you don’t listen to me

the first time, there are always going to be consequences. One last question before I end the story, can you ever be too clean?

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