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I keep having this dream, that I’m in this dark alleyway. Its brick. Red and old ugly bricks. Every night it’s different. Every night it gets darker, so dark to where it’s almost where I can’t see anymore. This alleyway is smelly, like fish. There’s trash bags and cans almost every step you take. There’s always banana peels too. I’ve never actually slipped on one before, which is good. There’s always cats meowing and hissing at me. They are all different colors and different types. They claw at me and scratch me when I’m walking down the alleyway. I’ll wake up some days with random scratches in different spots. Some of them will be so deep that I will wake up at a random time and the scratches will be bleeding.

When I see the cat’s their eyes are all different colors. Sometimes they are red, some are yellow, some are Heterochromia iridum. Last night in my dream the cat attempted to bite me, but I shoved it off and it disappeared. The cat’s are so strong that they can push me down. One night I woke up with two scratches straight down my back. Sometimes I don’t like sleeping because I’m scared they are going to get worse. I’m terrified of what else these kitty cats can do to me! In every dream I lose fighting, attempting to beat them and get them off of me. They are horrible animals in my dreams. I’ve never had constant dreams like these before. Every night it’s a different type of cat. Every night I’ll get scratched. Every night I’ll have this dream. And it's like a loop. Its never ending. Every night I’ll be laying in bed, scared to go to sleep because I don’t want to die in my dream. If I die in my dream its like I die in real life. I try to think of happy things before I sleep, but the alleyway always comes up. Every night its darker, every night it's scarier than the night before. I don’t know why I have this dream. But this dream is never ending. Its like im stuck in a horror movie, but I’m sleeping. Dead asleep.

The darker it gets the more and more scared I get, the more I tense up my body the more I can’t movie. Even just in my dream. Its like my dream is real and I’m not even sleeping because when a cat scratches me I feel it. And it stings, it feels like putting hydrogen peroxide on a shot wound. It hurts so bad to where I have to turn on my lights and not go back to bed for an hour. People ask me where I get my random scratches, so I just say, “There from my cat.” But little do they know I don't have any cats. It's all just a dream, but with real consequences for when you try trusting this little fluffy animal. The first time I had this dream was the worse. The cats were pretty calm until I walked closer to them.

The first time I had this dream was in the Summertime. It was bright and early in the day because it was the first time I had the dream. So it was bright and I was walking down the old smelly leaky brick alleyway to get back to my apartment. And there it was, the first cat that would hurt me. The prettiest looking cat I ever saw. I thought this kitty was going to be nice so I walked over to it to pet her. And when I bent down to say hi, she attacked me. She had around 15 other cat friends and somehow they pushed me down. These cats are stronger than you can expect because they were so strong that they could hold me down. They ripped my shirt with their claws, and put two long deep and I mean deep scratches down my back. The scratches  were dripping with blood so when I woke up 15 minutes later just realizing my back was bleeding, My white polka-dotted sheets and my navy blue t-shirt was covered with blood, tons of it, lots of it, the most I have ever seen come out of my body in my life. I was petrified! I could not get out of my bed to clean up the blood, so I just swam in my blood. It was one of the most disgusting things that I could have done, while sleeping. I just couldn't get up, it felt like I was paralyzed.

As I finally fell back asleep, the cats were there again. But there were more, many many more. To many to count. I was so scared I just didn’t know what to do. So as I stood there looking down the alleyway I wondered, what do these cats want from me…? So I asked them. Even though cats can't talk I asked them. I thought that maybe a piece of paper would show up with what they want, but nope nothing showed up. No one nothing zero. I still can’t think of why these cats are still attacking me for almost 9 months now. Its every other night where I have this dream. Every single night it gets darker, scarier. I just can’t deal with it no more and I don't know what to do because I don’t think you can get rid of a dream. The alleyway is like an old house hallway with brick walls. Old moldy, stinky walls with ooze coming out of them. This is a horror dream. Not just any horror dream, not like anybody elses horror dreams. Mine comes to life. And I can’t stop them because I’m sleeping. I’ve never had anything similar to this while I was younger. Sometimes I feel like I’m not dreaming and I'm wide awake.Sometimes I think it's not just a dream and it's all real. I don’t want to sleep not knowing what else these horrible, terrifying but adorable little evil animals can and will do to me while I think i'm only dreaming… Maybe it wasn't all only just a dream... Maybe I'll never know.....

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