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“Evie come on!”

    “Ok, ok!”

    I checked myself in the mirror, adding another layer of lip gloss making my lips feel moist and sticky but I don’t mind, I make sure my spiral light brown hair doesn’t get in my face by adding my favorite skinny Nike headband, grabbed a quick bagel and sprint out the door, my backpack attempting to make me slower by my needs of school stuff. I threw my backpack into the backseat and called, “I call dibs on shotgun!”  I sprint into the passenger seat hoping Livvy won’t get there first. You never know how fast kids can be these days!

“That’s not fair, you always get shotgun!” whines Livvy.

“Tomorrow, ok?” I ask.

“Five bucks,” she puts out her hand.

“Ugh, you know, I’m not a freakin’ ATM!” I tell her as I take out a five dollar bill and set it in her open hand. I mumble, “You owe me”.

She’s brave enough to mumble back, “”.

I get out of the passenger seat knowing that my mom will ask us to do the traditional “First Day of School” picture.

“Girls stand together, smile like you just won the lottery!” Mom says as she takes out her camera. Oh, I forgot to mention how my mom’s a

Photographer. It’s not amazing, my mom’s encouraging me to be a model, so yeah, not amazing. We take a picture then we get going.

    You are probably thinking ‘shouldn’t you’re dad be with you on your first day of school?”. Well here is the story.

    My dad left when I was three. He just couldn’t take the fact that he is a parent. So he left my mom and I to care for ourselves. Turns out he has a girlfriend and has a step daughter, so I have a step sister, but I really wouldn't like to consider her my step sister because I have never met her and I don’t think I want to. Because, we’re not related in any sort of way and it would hurt my mom to even think about having her ex-husband already having a girlfriend. It would be even worse for her to think about how there’s a girl connected with that lady.

    I’m so lucky to have a step dad that actually makes an effort and acts like a real dad instead of my real dad, LIvvy is considered my half sister if you really want to think about it.                                            

I feel like my dad is trying to replace me in a sort of way. I’m pretty surprised that he hasn’t broken up with her or left without an explanation or just didn’t want the responsibility with having to be a step father or father.

I just hope I don’t need to think about him this year it’s just to much in my head.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Today, I’m a freshman, to everybody else, I’m the prettiest girl in glasses. So that’s not amazing either. Girls are despising me for my look and boys begging me to date them just for their reputation. So either girls despise me or boys stare at me until their eyeballs fall out. Not very good choices, so I go into the gay best friends category and find Li.

Li’s the best friend anyone wants to have. I have two classes with Li, Science and Individuals and Societies.

Ms. Luther is my science teacher, she’s really nice, it’s just when you get her mad, it’s like a nuclear explosion. For instance, Steven Hide used the eye wash machine for no real reason, let’s just say he ended up being suspended for three days. I bet that was real fun.

Mr. Will is my Individuals and Societies teacher, all I have to say he’s straight out nice. Although, one day when Thomas Wright was talking back to him, Mr.Will turned as red as a tomato, and called the principal's office.

Then there is Elena. She is part of our threesome. The best thing about her is that she doesn’t see me as “ The prettiest girl to be wearing glasses”, but she sees me by my personality. And she doesn’t see Li as a weird gay dude, but as an awesome best friend.

I have three classes with Elena, math, dance, and music. Honestly, I think we have the best teachers yet, because of how fun they are. Literally, our dance teacher let us go outside during September for some “inspiration”. Our math teacher let us prank each other on April Fools. And our music teacher let us talk to each other when she isn’t talking to the class. So it’s a good life (at least with Elena and Li).

People would think a girl looking like me would not be hanging out with two people who are considered to the outside world “nobodys”, nobody really cares what happens to them. Which is sad because they are amazing people who should be noticed.

Honestly, I don’t care what people think of me and my friends, but deep down I know that I care. My mom says,”Nobody can describe you, their words don’t matter, because no one knows you more than you”.

And I play, “Dang mom, you sound like your 50!”

After school, Li, Elena, and I go get some fro-yo and sit on the highest hill we can find. As the sun sets, my spiral brown hair caught the first cool breeze of the school year, my hair gets in my face, telling me that my favorite headband has failed me.We sat there for a while without any noise but the wind, then  Li states, “You know, life is weird combined with surprise, you just gotta find out the surprise”. That is the first wise thing he said in years.

“Come on Li, you can’t be already growing a beard!” Laughed Elena

“Hey!” Li whined.

“I guess”, I commented, confused but agreeingly, not really knowing why I agreed to that statement.

Li and Elena both look at me in surprise of my agreement.

I ignore their reaction to my comment and take off my jean jacket and tie it around my waist. Then I continue on with eating my fro-yo.

Life’s surprises, that’s something to think about for sure.



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