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I was walking home from school one day, and I saw the best thing ever. Well, it was probably really dumb to most people, but to me it was amazing. The toy store I saw it at was called “Toys Only.” The toy I desperately wanted was a stuffed cat that walked and made mewing sounds! The store had a gray version and a orange version. I’ve always wanted a real cat, especially an orange one. But sadly, I am really allergic to dogs and cats. It’s terrible, because I love both, especially cats. I really wanted to know what the price was, considering I only had $10.00 that I conveniently found on the ground at the park yesterday. I walked into the toy store, and of course I saw millions of other exciting toys and games. But I knew I had to stay on track to find out the price of my dream toy. I walked over to the section with the toy animals, and looked down at its yellow tag.

“One hundred and eighty dollars?!” I practically told the whole store. “That’s ridiculous. What am I going to do?!” I sadly walked out of the store and went home without it.

The next day when I got to school I asked Rosa, my friend, how to earn money. Of course she said to do lots of work around the house to get an allowance. She loves cleaning for some reason, and her room is spotless. She makes cleaning look SO easy. I said OK, and when the school day was over, I went back home to ask my parents if there was any work to be done in our house. My mom was surprised, because I never wanted to do work. But she said yes, and I cleaned the kitchen and raked leaves in the yard, because it was fall at the time. After I did everything that needed to be done, I told my mom I was finished with all my chores. Her response was, “Great, thanks!” And she walked out of the room. I knew it was pretty rude to ask if I could have some money because I did some chores, but I was really looking forward to getting some extra money for the toy. I just sighed, and walked to my room. After I sat down for a while, I came up with a good idea. Maybe there’s a similar moving cat toy online for less money? I decided to go look it up on the computer in our office room. When I got into the office, I decided to just go on eBay because pretty much everything is less money there. When I got on the website, I searched “walking and talking cat toy for kids” and I found one for only thirty dollars! I was glad that I realized I could find cheap ones online that are basically the same thing. But then, I had to try to get my mom to pay the extra twenty dollars… The bad thing about the time I found out about that cat toy, is that my birthday or Christmas wasn’t for a long time. I decided just to ask to see what my mom would say.

“Hey mom, I was wondering if I could get this cute moving and talking cat stuffed animal? It’s thirty dollars, and I have that ten dollar bill I found at the park yesterday, remember?” I asked.

“Yes, I remember the ten dollars, Sophia. Well, you did do all that work earlier today, so… I guess just this one time you can have it.” She replied.

I was surprised that she actually said yeah! So, she ordered it, and it came 3 days later. Those three days felt soooo long. I even tracked the package on the website every day when I got home from school. But, the day came, and I rushed home. I was so excited! When I finally got back, I rushed up the driveway and I saw the package from eBay on our porch. The box was just the right size and everything! I rushed inside, slammed my backpack down, opened the box, and looked inside. I was so excited! I looked inside and all I saw was a pair of ugly shoes that looked old and gross.

“Noooo!” I shouted.

“What’s happening?” My mom asked from the kitchen.

“The.. the toy I bought, the cat toy! It’s not there! All there is is a pair of gross old shoes that look like they’ve been thrown in the mud a million times!!” I replied, freaking out.

“I wonder why they did that! You clearly wanted the cat toy. That’s ridiculous. I guess I’ll have to call and get a refund on it.” She said.

I was very sad, because I waited three days to get it! And three days is a long time to wait for something fun to come in the mail.

The next day, my mom called eBay and asked for a refund. But the conversation was pretty weird…

“Hello, how may I help you?” I heard the customer service guy ask. He was on speaker.

“Hi, I ordered a walking cat toy for my daughter a few days ago. But we actually got a pair of old shoes in the box. I need a refund please.” My mom replied.

“Um, no. We would never do that to our loyal customers! I bet you’re lying!” He accused.

“Excuse me, I need a refund, but I don’t need your rudeness!”

Then there was silence for about 10 seconds. A few seconds before my mom was going to ask if he was still there, she heard the end call sound.”

“He hung up on me! So rude.” She told me.

“That’s terrible. I guess I’m not getting my cat toy.” I reply, saddened.

My mom said she was sorry about this, and walked off. I decided to go back to my room and figure out another way to get this thing.  

On Monday, I told Rosa about the mix up, and the ridiculous customer service guy on the phone. She agreed that the guy on the other line was insane. Who wouldn’t?

Weeks passed, and I was still mad about the guy not giving us the refund. Why do people have to be so crabby? Rosa was mad too.

A few weeks after the mix up, Rosa told me to come to her house after school because she had to show me something. I was confused, but I went anyway.

We got on the bus, the terrible bus, and headed to her house. Rosa’s mom is working when Rosa gets home, so she has to walk. But it’s not that bad, because her house is not that far from the bus stop. Maybe a little more than ten minute walk. Once we got to her house, Rosa unlocked the door, and we walked in.

“So, this surprise is awesome, and I know you are going to love it!”

I didn’t like surprises, because they always felt pressuring. But sometimes they’re exciting.

“Ok! I’m excited, even though I don’t know what it is yet!”

I was thinking about all the possiblities, maybe she has a new dog, maybe… maybe she bought something nice and new? Rosa told me to stay in the living room, while she went to her room to get the surprise ready. I was so confused, because it wasn’t my birthday or anything…

I waited for a minute, then I heard her calling for me.  

“Ok, Sophia, come in my room!”

So, I did what she said and went to her room to see what the surprise was.

“Wait!” Rosa shouted as she bursted out of her room, slamming the door behind her. “Sophia, wouidn’t it be better if I put a blindfold on you? It might be more fun!”

I agreed that would be cool. I let her put a blindfold on me, and then she led me into her room.
“Ok, take your blindfold off in five… four… three… two… one!”

I took off the blindfold, and once I saw what it was, I thrusted the blindfold away.

“Do you like it?” She asked.

I almost fainted. She got me the exact cat toy from the Toys Only store!

“Oh my gosh. That’s… that’s from…” I couldn’t even speak I was so shocked.

“Toys Only!” She finished.

“Woah, that’s so nice of you! Your mom actually gave in?” I ask, so glad I finally have the toy I’ve wanted for 4 months.

“No, I got it with my money! My allowance saved up!”

I was tearing up, not even about the cat, about Rosa doing that for me. I gave her a big hug, and I realized that I have the kindest friend in the world.

I went back home to tell my mom about what Rosa did for me, and she was so happy.

“That’s so nice of her! Rosa is such a kind kid.” My mom told me. I already knew it though! I decided to go to my room to make her a thank you card, and I wanted to ask my mom to take me and Rosa to get ice cream. Rosa loves ice cream, especially chocolate.

I decided to open up the cat toy that Rosa got me. I opened it up, and guess what? It was the orange one! It was so cute, and there was a new feature. If you talked, it would hear you and repeat what you say! So cute!

After I played with my new toy, I decided to ask my mom if she could take me and Rosa to get ice cream.

“Hey mom, since Rosa got me the cat toy, can you please take us to Dairy King?”

“Uh, sure! That would be a nice thing. After dinner, though.” She replied.

I decided to go call Rosa, to see if she was available. She said she was, and that she was excited.

After dinner, we stopped by Rosa’s to pick her up for ice cream.

“Thanks for taking me!” Rosa said.

“No problem!” My mom replied.

When we got to Dairy King, the only thing that I thought about the whole time I was there was I so glad I was friends with Rosa. It’s nice to have kind and amazing friends.


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