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Ridesville’s most passionate racer


I have been waiting for a long time for this moment. Endless obstacles and death-defying stunts. You might be asking what this is all about. Here in Ridesville this is the most extreme thing that happens. Every other year there will be a race for the most out-standing amateurs and it’s intense.

I guess it is time to introduce myself, Steve Anderson the greatest amateur and daunting racer of all! Not exactly just yet, but I will be soon. I won my first race when I was seven. I guess racing just runs in my blood. This race is going to be difficult and dangerous.

     A year ago my friends and I built a race track around my house. Everyday my routine is the same; wake up at 5am, practice racing for one hour, take a jog for 45 minutes. Then, come home and take a shower, eat breakfast, pack up, and go to school. At my school, I am well known as one of the best racers in school. One of my biggest competitor is Brandon. His father won the race three times in a row, making him the best racer in Ridesville. I heard that he is training his son for this year’s race. I was getting lunch at the school’s cafeteria. Brandon walked up to me with his tray “hey loser, ready to eat some dirt at the race”? That’s not going to happen because I am going to win.

“Okay let’s make a deal, loser has to explain how great the other person was at the race, in front of the whole school”, said Brandon. I said “I am ready for it”. I took my lunch and sat next to my friends Johnny, Lucas, Ian, Michael, and I explained about the deal we made. Ian said “You shouldn’t have accepted this. You know Brandon’s dad is a really famous racer in town”. Michael interfered and said “Steve is experienced for his age, and he is the best in our school”. That gave me a real boost. I thanked him.

“We’ll help you train for this big race”, said Johnny. The race is in three weeks, we have to check the Car SX-327 and fix it if there is any problem. Its top speed should be 190 miles per hour. It’s bright Blue with Red and Orange stripes. It has speed boosters at the rear of the car that can increase the speed when needed. This race is going to be filled with so much excitement.

The race has unusual obstacles and the only rules are that the contenders have to complete all of them in order to finish the race. My friends helped me build the SX-327. We need only a few adjustments to the motor, other than that, it was ready. The first week flew by quickly. Ian was coming over to help me to adjust the wheels. When we got home, I went to the kitchen to fix a snack for both of us. We got to have a little chat about how to face this challenge. Once we finished our snack. We went outside where we parked our car. We were in shock, the motor was GONE!!!                 

I can’t believe my motor has been stolen, we have to find it. The thief couldn’t have gone that far, he must have done this in the last 10-20 minutes. Ian said “who are our suspects”? Brandon! I should have been very careful. He’ll do anything to win this race. I called my other friends and they came very quickly. We have only two weeks left before the race. “What are we going to do now?” asked Lucas. “Even if we call the cops, it might take them a while to find out who stole it”. “But still, we don’t guarantee the motor will be in good shape”. Anyway, we called the cops and explained what happened. I think it’s time to talk to Brandon.

It was Monday and I was at school, I went to Brandon and asked, “Did you steal my motor”? “No”, Brandon replied, “I was at Soccer practice yesterday night”. The motor is gone and it puts immense pressure on me. Ring, Ring, that’s the school bell, time to go home. Brandon said, “Good luck with your investigation”. If Brandon didn’t steal it then who did? The answer hit me in the head like a car wiping out on a race track. Of course, it was him all along. Daniel Davidson.

I borrowed a cap from Daniel Davidson that has Formula X on it. Everybody knew Formula X, it is the best league in racing. I returned it to Daniel but he lost it. Ever since then he blames me for losing his cap. Maybe he wants to take revenge on me. One week to the race and I couldn’t get a hold of Daniel. Wait a minute is it cooper? He is always trying to find a way to win. My mind is thinking at super speed. I need to find my motor, and quick.


I made a list of suspects. They were Daniel, Cooper, Simon, Sarah, and Britney. They are all former racers. They are jealous of my racing skills. Any of them would try to stop me from appearing at the race. Cooper was on the playground when I interrogated him. Like Brandon he was off the hook. Ian, Lucas, Michael, and Johnny questioned the other suspects. They were all innocent too. I still couldn’t get a hold of Daniel. I was starting to think he was avoiding me on purpose. The race was in three days and I was back to the drawing board. That was the last straw; I was going to Daniel’s house to confront him.

When my friends and I got there, Daniel was in the garage constructing his car. “Hi Steve”, said Daniel, “Long time no see”. “Daniel, we know you took my motor,” I accused. “Now give it back. “Daniel are these your friends?” asked his mom. “Come on in, you guys are just in time for dinner”. Lucas and Michael go check in the garage. Johnny and I will check his room. I saw construction plans for his vehicle. I even found a collection of Baseball cards under his bed, but no motor. I hope Lucas and Michael were having better luck than we were. Turns out they did find the motor. I can’t wait to see the look on Daniel’s face when he finds out that the motor he stole has disappeared. We had dinner at Daniel’s house and left.

One more day until the race, everything was set. The SX-327 was ready to race. I was feeling confident and relaxed. It was Sunday, the day of the race. Everything I had worked for and my dream was all relying on this race. I was waiting for a long time to be here.

The countdown began, three, two, one, go! I had a pretty good lead. The first Obstacle was a curvy road. There was a lot of bumping, but somehow I was still in first place. A lot of people had made it past the first obstacle. Five obstacles later I heard a sound that sounded a lot like my motor. Daniel! He had duplicated my motor to have a better chance at winning. The seventh obstacle was a series of loops and it was intense. A lot of racers wiped out on that one.

 There were three other racers left in the race, Brandon, Sarah, and Daniel. The next obstacle was a mega ramp jump of 40 feet. Sarah and Daniel didn’t make the jump. It was just me and Brandon left in the race. Brandon was slowly inching in front of me. The finish line was right ahead of me. I could hear the crowd cheering for me. My heart was pounding, everything I had worked for depended on this moment. At the final moment I boosted into the finish line. I had won the race!

 I made my way to the trophy ceremony; I could hear everyone cheering my name. I hoisted the trophy and I could feel the appreciation from my friends and family. All my hard work had paid off. Now I was determined to make Ridesville famous by making it to the big leagues.  


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