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In the crowded room I was completely alone. Now and then someone would stop in their footsteps to stare at me, but I tried not to look back. It would, I know, simultaneously give them immense satisfaction and make their stomachs squeeze in fear. I played with a plastic flower while I dreamed of space, twisted its pedals until they all came off. Someone was staring at me again, I could feel the heat of their mouths seeping through the glass, but this time it was different. I turned to look at my observer and was surprised to see a little girl with a jungle of red hair and freckles scattered across her face like constellations. She didn’t bang the glass as the older boys did, merely stood there in silence. Behind her, a crowd of girls laughed and stared at the red-head, but she didn’t seem to notice or care. She touched her fingers to the glass and waited. I drew closer, crawling on all fours. She didn’t seem to be the least bit frightened when we came face to face, human to alien; instead, a smile tugged at her lips when I pressed my hand against the glass.