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I thought it was over...

But I was wrong. I woke up in the pool. The doom wheel is almost complete. Why did I go with Tracy...

Twelve hours ago

I was at my house at 8:00 when I got a call from a friend of mine,

“Hey Fatso,”

“I’m not fat Jacob,”

“Whatever Jason,”

“Just because I am black, blue eyed, with red hair do-,”

“I’m not picking on you, I’m just inviting you to the pizza party, Jak is not coming though,”

“Yeah my brother is at baseball practice. Wait... IT IS TODAY?”


*beep* *beep*

“Tracy’s calling,”

“Yeah she has been waiting for 5 minutes Jason,”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Jason, Tracy is here,” my mom shouted

“COMING! I will get you for this,”

“Heh Heh,”

I went downstairs and saw Tracy, white, and tall, thin, brown eyes, and blond.


“Jacob just called,”

“Yeah, he’s an idiot. RACE YA!” She sprinted out the door.

“Tracy wait up!” I gasped for air once we got to the park.

Tracy ran up beside me and laughed, “just because your f-,”

“I’m not fat I’m chubby,” I yelled.

The she-devil replied, “chubby is fat, now let’s get a move on Jason.”

I grumbled and saw something strange, “yes let’s,” my voice slightly faltered.

Tracy noticed my falter and looked where I was looking, she screamed. It turned and roared. Its tongue came out and it grabbed Tracy and me and dragged us into a nearby cave. We were screaming the whole way.

“Lunch, lunch, yum yum yum,” the monster chanted loudly as it dragged us down into the cave. I stopped screaming when I saw a huge wheel under construction, but it just made Tracy scream louder. Then the monster sighed and gagged Tracy.

I said, “why are you going to eat us.”

Then the weirdest thing happened when we got to the hole the meanie came from he dropped us, ungagged Tracy, and shrunk down to a human and he said, stop freaking out I not going to eat you,”

“Jak?” I said confused there was my brother, black, bean pole, black haired, red eyes fading to brown.

Tracy went, “aaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-,”

“SHUT UP” he yelled, “and yes, it is me.”

I whispered to Tracy, “Tracy, maybe we shouldn’t anger Jak, the guy who can turn into a hulking monster,”

“My fat brother’s right,”


“Your right, your chu-fat.”


After the argument for if I was fat or not, Tracy asked, “if you aren’t going to eat us why did you bring us here.”

He looked at Tracy strangely it looked grim, “isn’t it obvious? You both saw the doom wheel. I need your help to destroy the Doom Wheel.”

Wait, wait, wait he needed us to do what? From what I saw the “doom wheel” is 3000 feet in diameter, “it's way too big to blow up so how would we do it and why do we need to destroy it?”

He looked at me hard and said, “you don’t want to know,”

“why,” said Tracy, “we’re tough, and you can turn in to a hulking monster,”

Wow, I didn’t think of that Tracy is smart and reasonable, but wait, “why do we have to destroy it,” I was getting scared

“aww, who a scaredy cat,” Tracy said

“the person who was screaming all the way down,” I laughed.

Tracy opened her mouth to say something when the guy said,”shhhhhhhhhh somethings coming.” He grew to the monster size and he whispered, “don’t ask why but get in my mouth and play dead,”

We did what he said, because we knew that if he wanted to eat us he could of already. A bigger monster from my position I saw it was 20 ft tall, same wingspan I wo-

“Hi Mom,” the guy said grimly


“Hi Sragal, you hunted I see,”

“Mom please let me sulk,” Sragal growled

“Fine you can sulk,” she left.

Sragal spit us out and I saw, before he turned in to his man form, he was gray, he was covered in muscles and spikes. I turned on him and said, “that was your mom?!”

“And your name is Scragal,” Tracy snickered

“yes, and it’s Sragal and it is in an ancient language. It means Death’s eye.”

“I thought your name was Jak,” Tracy said.

“That is a fake name, Tracy,”

Death’s eye, that’s cool, but back to the point, ” how will we get to the Doom Wheel much less destroy it.”

“Simple, we go through the endless horde and I breath fire on the weak point,” he looked confident. We ran into the passage to the wheel

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH MONSTERS ARE EVERYWHERE. They came from the walls piling on us until we got into an open space. Sragal turned to his monster form and threw them of us. As the monsters flew off the ledge one fell on the platform. It was a gremlin straight from the movie “Gremlins.” Then Sragal was rammed by multiple

Voreclaws from Star Wars. The gremlins swarmed Tracy as I was knocked back. A huge monster came up it was so ugly I can’t describe it.

“The final piece,” it breathed. What was it talking about? Hey I’ll call him Ugly.

“What do you mean?”

“I will grab you and attach you to the Doom Wheel,” I cowered with my hands out, and BLAST!!! He flew away a burnt mess.

What the heck?! My hands were smoking. I saw more monsters trying to grab me. I finally realized what Ugly meant. I punched and my fist turned to iron as soon as a gremlin jumped at me.

“Kill kill kill,” I heard. Telepathy! I threw one up with my mind. TELEKINESIS!!!!!!

I saw Sragal tied up to a poll. He was in his human form. The Voreclaws surrounded him.

I yelled, “LET HIM GO,” I punched one in the face, threw another away, and burnt the last one to a crisp.

“Yo-you’re a-a-a-alive,” he had a faint breathing.

“What did they do to Tracy?”

“She is on the Doom wheel,”

“get up, we need to save her.”

“Got it.”

Sragal got up and the we started sneaking around.


She was torn apart and put together again in a gruesome bleeding shape. She was nailed to the doom wheel. The worse thing was she heard me...


I flew away.

“SRAGAL!!!” I fell into a pit.

Dark, damp, cold. I thought it was over.

I was wrong...

Now you know how I got here in the cold pool. Sragal is dead. Tracy is on the wheel. Wait I have a plan. It’s dangerous, but it’s my only hope. This is my plan. I will sneak over to Tracy, free her, then destroy the doom wheel. It was then that I saw the corpses of the gremlins, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 10 corpses and dead old Ugly. I will make a disguise. I mashed, smashed, bled, and cleaned the corpses. Now I am using extra marrow to patch the costume up. I smell now like poop. I climb back up. I now see the mother of Sragal she recognizes my faint smell. So much for the costume, it’s torn off. I am shooting plasma at her., but she keeps dodging

She screams, “you deceived my son into fighting the Doom Wheel I will destroy you!!!”

“Sragal died to save my race you his mother should understand him, you wouldn’t give him a chance he told me to destroy the Doom wheel. You should have listened to him and I will win. I will destroy the Doom Wheel.

Plasma is coming out of my hands, and she is being struck.


Huh, the same sound. I am punching and shooting and throwing around monsters while trekking through them. More and more POW POW POW BOOM BOOM and, “RAAAAAAaaa.” Everywhere more and more monsters fall. I now am close enough to see Tracy.

I get out of the horde and use my Iron fist to break the bridge between me and the monsters. Tracy sees me and is firing at me. I am dodging and dodging and dodging and dodging and dodging and dodging. I am close enough. My beam is starting to cut in to the Doom Wheel around Tracy. She is free. EWWWWWW! She is grossly bending back in shape. Now she’s fine.


“Jason? Where’s Sragal?”

“While in the Doom Wheel you killed him.”

She looks sad, “why would I kill Jak,”

“you were possessed. We need to destroy the Doom Wheel.” Now she has become gaseous lava and sprinted into the Doom Wheel destroying it. I just felt power leave me. I can’t do anymore power. A path has opened. We are back in the light. Huh, the pizza place.

“JASON, TRACY!” There he is Jacob, white, a midget, chubby, black hair, green eyes, “Your early.”

Huh? HOLY COW! It’s only 10:00 Time didn’t move. I whisper to Tracy, “time didn’t move,” Then she kissed me. “Huh?”

“Thank you, Jason. Thank you


20 years later

Jason and Tracy got married. Destroying the Doom Wheel had eliminated all sin and evil. Jak was erased from all minds except. Jason had worked out until he was a bean pole. One day their kids were searching the attic.

“Hey Sophie check this out,”

“What is it Fred.”

“A journal by our Father. Should we read it?”

“No, we should throw it away” Sophie said sarcastically.

After reading it they joked around, “Oh No Tracy’s on the Pooh Wheel,” Fred joked.

“Let’s bring it to school for show and tell,” Sophie,

“yeah, let Jak see it,”

“Let’s go.”


To Be Continued

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