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I didn’t match with anyone or anything, I was an agendered child in a homophobic household I was expected to wear dresses and want pearls and pink things like shoes and bags don't get me wrong I like fancy and pretty things I just don't want to have to wear them all the time.


“Rosemary darling come downstairs I have a surprise for you.” my mother called her voice filled with excitement.

“Be down in a minute!” I called back

I go to my dresser and pick out the least girly dress I can find, it's yellow and goes down to my knees with a giant bow at the back.


I run downstairs to see my mother in the kitchen standing next to a tall man

“Uh, mother who is he?” I whispered

“Oh it's just the mailman he has your surprise.” she’s smiling ear to ear.

What could it be? Maybe it's a new dress maybe it's a puppy maybe it’s a…

“Rosemary do you want your gift?” my mother asked

“Yes yes, I do sorry I was daydreaming,” I say politely.

The mailman hands me a letter, it's a normal sized letter nothing too special. I open it and inside there's a letter that reads,


“Dear Miss Rosemary you have been accepted to Miss. Burnes Boarding School for Young Christian Girls.”

My heart stopped, why did mom sign me up for this? Does she know? has she figured it out?


“Aren’t you happy darling?” she asked

I looked at her and nodded my head.

“You need to get packing they will be coming to get you at 4 pm sharp.” she sounded very happy.

“I’d better get started then.”

I ran upstairs to my room and grabbed the biggest suitcase I could find and through all the clothing I had into my suitcase,

I didn’t want to go to this school I wanted to go to my school with my friends, not go to some big fancy school for the rich and bright.

I ran to the bathroom and shut the door carefully so as not to alert someone. Before the door even closed tears were running down my face, I didn’t want to leave I didn’t want to go to some Christian boarding school where everyone was pretty and perfect, I wanted to hang out with my friends but I can’t say no I have to go to this school even if it kills me.


They came to pick me up at 4 pm sharp just like mother said they would.

“Goodbye sweetie we're gonna miss you, come and visits when you can!” she was trying not to cry.

“I will mom, I promise.” I was now trying not to cry.

“I love you!” she yelled

“I love you too!” I yelled back

And just like that, she was gone and there was no going back.


We arrived at the school it was tall and looked kinda like a dungeon.

“Let me show you to your room, Miss. Miao”

“Thank you sir,” I said trying to make a good first impression.

He took me to my room everyone got their own room, my room was painted a light pink and had a desk and a princess bed.

I sighed why can’t they just paint the rooms black.


“Do you like your room Miss?

I didn’t want to be rude so I said: “yes it’s perfect.”


After he left I started to unpack my things and making myself at home when I heard a scream coming from my closet, I ran to open it and found a small girl holding an axe . I leaped back in surprise, what was this little girl doing with an axe?

“Hey, their sweetheart are you ok?” I asked

“Im fine I think I don’t really know anymore.” she said

“Umm do you want me to get someone to help you”

She looked at me and said nothing but she started crying her eyes out.

“Hey, are you ok?” I didn’t know what to say.

She looked at me her eyes filled with tear and simply said


With the simply answer my heart broke thinking about what this poor girl has been through, she's been living in a closet for im assuming a long time and she's scared of people.

“Is there anything I can do to help you maybe get back home or to your family?” I asked trying my best not to cry.

She looked up at me with her calf like eyes and said,

“Run with me, come with me, run away with me its the safest thing to do. This school brainwashes girls into thinking they need to be perfect and pretty, there are about 200 suicides a year do you really want to be one of them?”


I looked at this little girl in shock, was she telling the truth? Should I trust her?

“Well then let's go I don’t want to be another girl hanging from the ceiling,” I said.


I grabbed my stuff and ran, I ran past kids adults all of them giving me the same look, a look that only my mother knew how to give the look of disappointment.


I was about to just open the doors and run when I remembered, the girl!

I sprinted back to my room to see her still in the same spot

“Hey, you coming?” I asked panic in my voice

“You left without me, you were going to just leave me behind weren't you?” she looked at me her eyes filling with tears,

“No I thought you were going to follow me.” I was speaking softly.

She stood up and lifted her ax so it was level with my neck,

“No need to lie to me,” she said sounding very creepy.

And just before I could run out the door I felt a ax on my neck and the last words I heard where  “Im not just the girl in the closet, I am the devil in the closet.”

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