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An Unwelcome Visitor


            Lily knew something like this would happen ever since she first rented a room in this creepy old house. Her roommate had gone home for the weekend, leaving Lily all alone in the big empty building. It was like the perfect set-up for a horror movie.

            It all started like this:

            She had gone to bed and was trying to get to sleep when she heard a rustling sound coming from the kitchen.

            A robber, or even a ghost!

            If she lay there, it would get her. If she got up to look around, it would get her even faster. Finally, she made a decision. She ran out the front door. Into the snow. In her bare feet. She tore like a flash to her neighbor’s house. John grabbed a baseball bat and followed her back to her kitchen…

            No one.

            Then they heard a rustle.

            It was coming from… a boot? Her roommate Joanna had left her snow boots by the front door. One of them was swaying from side to side. John picked it up and looked inside. Then he started laughing.

            It was a baby possum!

            Lily had no trouble falling asleep after that.

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