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Mystery Island

Here we are, on a cart with a connected sail, wondering what will come after the fog we see ahead. As we journey along, “Mountains!”, he excitedly yells. I look over, and I do indeed see mountains ahead. In the distance, on the mountains, I spot a quaint little castle. “Looks like it’s fit for a princess.”, I say to him. “Shall we see?”, he asks. “We shall.”, I respond.

We continue to journey along. Unfortunately, Just as we think we are approaching land, it appears that we end up farther and farther away. After a hard and long  journey, we finally reach this mysterious island. Suddenly, we feel and hear a large ‘thump’. We soon realize that we have crashed into the island. Water immediately starts to flow in to our cart. My first reaction is to jump out, so I do. I grab onto his arm and pull him with me as fast as I possibly could.

Lucky for us, we jumped out just quick enough. We look out just after our jump to see our broken cart, sinking and sinking, carrying all of our items along with. “Nothing else we can do here than explore, right?,” I say to him. He agrees with me, with a sad tone. We now see the quaint little castle that we saw earlier. Now it is realized by both of us that what we thought was a quaint little castle is now a large elegant castle. Through the windows we can see every light turned on but no people. Just the bright-colored lights.

Heavily breathing. Him and I. Climbing up a mountain to get to this mysterious castle that we have yet to discover what lies within the walls. Once we finally make it all the way up the hill, “I’m not sure this is a good idea,” he says to me. We have to go in at this point after all of our journey and effort to get up here. Luckily, I was able to convince him to come into the castle with me. We walk into the castle and all of the lights turn off. No sound coming out from anywhere. “1. 2. 3.,” I count in my head so I don’t panic. Right after I say 3 in my head, a spotlight shines on both of us. We look at each other and the light goes away. Next thing we know, the light is shining up on an elegant stairway with a man dressed in a suit walking down the stairs.

We look at each other and start to back away. “Don’t worry! I am not here to hurt or scare you, I am here to welcome you to the ‘Island Castle Hotel’,” the man says approaching us even more. We stop walking and just stare at him for a while. The man scoots to the left and a podium with four buttons shows up. Each of the buttons has a state on it. “What state did you come from?,” the man asks us. The buttons say: Washington, Oregon, Connecticut, or Louisiana. I press the button that is labeled ‘Oregon’. He gives us a very suspicious and mysterious look. “Tell me when you are ready.,” The man says quietly. We look at each other because we could not hear the man very well. “Ready?,” we ask and suddenly the floor beneath us drops and we drop along with it.

I now see and feel him and I moving down these slides that take us into a room. I ran directly towards the door just to find out that it is locked. Suddenly, a light starts flashing and we hear a voice from a speaker saying “You now have 60 minutes until you are stuck in here. Forever,”. We are now panicking and walking around the room when a box falls from the ceiling and hits me in the head. He opens the box and picks up a note inside. The note says “Here is your first key. Open a door, but choose wisely,”. I look around to see six doors, each labeled with a number. 1, 34, 26, 99, 45, and 8. We take a very long time discussing which door we should open. In the middle of our conversation we hear another voice in the speaker, a different voice than before.

“30 minutes left! Better decide which door to open! Remember quicker is better,” the voice says. “Quicker is better? What is that supposed to mean?,” He asks me. “Don’t know but let’s just open every door and see which one works,” I respond. We open every door but nothing works. That is until we open door number 99. I walk into room 99, with him following me behind. After we walk into room 99, we realize it is not just an ordinary room, maybe not even a room at all. I look forward to see a hallway with flashing arrows pointed ahead. I assume that he has seen the lights by now, he does look very amused. We both sprint down the hallway all the way to the end. We do only have 10 minutes remaining at this point. After a while of running, we end up back in the same room that we entered the castle from. We both look at each other and scream.

Then we see someone who looks familiar. A tall mysterious man. As he approaches us more we now see that he is the man that sent us into the room earlier. “Congratulations!” he says, “You have made it out alive and you passed the test too! Let me take you to your new room!,” At this point, we are so in shock that we just follow him. Without any question. The man leads us up to our new room. He tells us that it is our new home. There was no way for us to get back to Oregon so we decide that we might as well stay in this castle.

Since we are now planning on staying in here forever, we try to make the best of it. It was fun and all getting served by all the waiters and waitresses there but it just didn’t feel like home. We both missed Oregon very much. Soon later, we got very used to the whole thing and started enjoying this new lifestyle of ours. And here we lived happily for the rest of our lives.

The end

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