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It was a crisp, summer night when ding, ding, ding RUN.


It was June 16th, I was preparing for the trip to the city. I hadn’t had much work lately, but it was still kinda lonely out in the middle of nowhere. I had my bird and that was it. I was unpakcing after I just moved in. My job pays for my houses, my work, and all of my other needs. It was pretty great, accept I could die doing this.


It was about 3 in the moring and I couldn’t sleep.I decided to get up and do some research about this place. My mission was to inflitrate the warehouse were they were producing illigal goods and substances to other people. I had to take out anyone in my way silently and not get noticed, from there I would get into the office with detonating explosives to breach the door, then I would get the cpu, speed down to the lake, shoot the cpu and throw it into the ocean. It would be hard, but I think I could handle it. I went back to bed but still couldn’t sleep so I called the three other guys in my mission. Apparently we were the same way so I went out with them to get some food and came back to my house. We just talked for a bit and then went back home.


The next morning… It was now the 17th about 8:25 in the morning and I wasn’t sure what happens next, then my phone rang, it was my boss. “Hello” “Hello James, I need you to report to headquarts ASAP and we will go from there” Then he hung up. I was so conused but I made so breakfast, fed cleo, and went on my way.


About 35 minutes later I arrived at headquarters and stopped at my bosses office. “Whats the matter?” The three other guys were there too. “I need you guys to go to Garage 3B and there will be 3 men awaiting you. From there you will get weapons and pick the car of your choice, and then the mission begins… Good Luck my men” “Thanks” we replied in shock.


We made it to the basement and then met the three men, we greeted them and then they gave us duffle bags that were not that heavy, but had quite some weight on them. We then chose our car. We chose a Armoured sedan. It was so cool. It had bulletproof windows and tires with a custom flame paint job. We thought it would be best for the job.


Its was now about 5:30 PM and I was doing my final preperations and couting the place with a drone. I found that the best place to enter would be the roof. We would climb the ladder and get a good view. We would then enter in through the air vents and unscrew the cage, or handyman for the job was Charles, he was good with tools. Once he unscrewed the cage, me and Logan would slide in and switfly, but silently take out everyone and then plant the explosives, and go from there, here goes nothing…


About 2 ours later it was 7:30 and I was ready, I had been preparing for this day for years, here we go. I got in the car with my duffle bag and then we discussed our plans. We all decided on mine as the best way to go in, and get some action.


From there we traveled to our headquarters and reported with our boss to check any last minute plans. He gave us all military grade walky talkies and our driver, Andrew, got the radio i our car fixed up to were he had 2 channels, us and our headquarters. We were to check in everytime we got somewhere with our boss and Andrew. Then he sent us off, it was the big moment.


We arrived, Andrew parked in a Stygian, Vacant Ally. We got out of the car and Andrew turned all the lights off and we went in. Me, Charles, and Logan climbed to the top of the building with our dark suits and night vision on. Charles unscrewed the bolts, giving us an opening to the warehouse. There were gurads everywere. We slowly let oursleves in. We all gathered to a small room in the corner it was very dark, but we had night vision so we were all in the corner. I contacted our Boss and Andrew. Boss told us to keep going. We peeked out and there was one guard, in blue he slowly yamned and fell asleep. We crawled out and patted him down, looking for anything we might need. We checked his back pocket and found some keys to what looked like room 17. We looked around and we were near the early rooms, 1-6 was in this hallway. We quickly peeked over the stairs into floor the first floor. Empty.


We swiftly shuffled into the main room and peeked through the keyhole. Silently we unlocked the door and chucked a stun grenade into the back and slammed a coffee table down for protection. I threw another and then rushed into the back. I stunned him and put him in cuffs. While he was there we held him down and told him to tell us everything he knows. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! LET ME OUT” He said. Not Until you tell us were the cpu is!” Charles said. I pulled out a pistol and held it to him, I yelled “Tell us or you die” With a smirk. “Fine, Its on floor 2D. It will be in the” I cut him off, holstering my gun back in my belt. “I already know that, were are the keys!” I said, “They’re in the second drawer to the left in the closet, push the encyclopedia into the wall and a secret compartment with 4 drawers will open up, the second one down to the left.” I stunned him again, followed his instructions and we got the keys for the second floor. We ran, making sure we kept in contact with our Boss and Andrew


Once we got to the second floor I used the keys and *BAM* I was hit in the shoulder. I crawled back behind the door with Charlie. “LOGAN, I need you to throw an explosive grenade towards the back door for entry!” “On it”. He threw it way far to the door and blew the hinges off. I picked a couple off in the front room and then Obliterated the last guy in there. I took his nametag and slid it in my back pocket. I needed to path my wound, “Charlie! Logan! Move up!” “I need to stay back!”. As I was healing I got on my radio and changed to Andrew. “Hey Man, Get ready, Were almost in!”.


As i finsished healing, I got out a sniper and shot 2 guys that were blocking the path for charlie. I rushed in there. I gave charlie a lift so he could get to the vent and unscrew. Once he unscrewed, I Lifted him in then me and logan stayed back. He hacked the control panel and dropped in on the other side. He gave me a smile and started  laughing, “Were in boys!” “Yes, sweet victory!, right as he unlcocked the panel, he froze, “CHARLIE, NO” He was coughing blood, I ran behind a table. I was in shock, “This isn’t real” I thought to myself. I was infuriated. I threw a stun and screamed, so loud I couldn’t hear my own shots. I killed everyone, I was phsyco. I got on my knees with Logan. “C’mon Charlie, wake up, please!” I said. “Listen, I know James, but we have to move, or we’ll join him. I sobbed in anger, disbelief, but it was real and we had to finish the mission, it was my job.


I rushed into the room looking every which way. I slid into the safe room and took out the camera with a distortion set. I then disabled them with some wire cutters. I planted explosives, and Logan had some C4 We got behind the wall then we heard something from upstairs, I got on the cameras I set upstairs, There was a whole team of guys with suits and weapons. Ding ding ding, RUN. I jumped behind another peice of debree from the ceiling, it was concrete. The explosion rang through the halls. “Ouch, My ears” I said. Logan uncrouched and fired a couple of shots. “Logan, get down, I’m going down the stairs i’ll signal your go” “Roger That”. I used the same set of keys that the man upstairs gave us. I shoved open the door and signaled Logan. He locked the door and barricaded it with a little bech over to the side. We slid down the stair railing and busted down the door. There was quite a few people. No problem for these guys. We took them out and planted on the door. If this didn’t work, we were screwed. We both planted. After about 5 minutes, we had everything ready. We got out on the stairs, and behind a couple walls. 3, 2, 1, “LIGHT THE FUSES”. I was knocked back into the side of the wall. I ran in and grabbed out Charlies laptop, shoving memories behind me. “I’m in, let's move”. He had gotten the program set up already and we hacked into the keypad. Once I unlocked I twisted the key, there it was. I grabbed it.


I signaled, “Boss, we have it, we are heading out now” then to Andrew “Get Ready, we’re coming out!” I shoved the door down, running upstairs. We had no key cards to get out from floor 1, so we went the way we came in. I grabbed a couple boxes from a storage closet to our right. I then stacked ‘em up, and hoisted Logan up, then myself. We signaled to Andrew with the couple flickers of a flashlight. We got in the car and told him everything and eventually arrived at the Harbor. I pulled out my bag and got the cpu. There it was. “Well, it was good knowing ‘ya,*BANG* the sound of the shot trickled around us, then, it got well, snowy. It was so nice, I then chucked it, as far as I could, with all my anger and adrenaline built up, I threw, so far the cpu wasn’t even visible. Then, I returned to my headquarters the next day, then… my paycheck, CHA-CHING!

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