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Geographer Robert B. Hall, widely known authority on the affairs of the Far East, has been the leading figure in establishing the University of Michigan as America's Soro most center for Oriental studies. The Institute of Far Eastern Studies, of which he is Director, is Dow in its second session in And Arbor.
Bringing together authorities on the cultures of all the Far Eastern countries, the Institute offers the most complete program of study in the languages, economics, political science, history, sociology, and fine
arts of the Orient that has ever 1. been available in this country. Be
ginning this year, it makes possible either elementary or advanced concentration courses in the Chinese, Japanese, and Russian languages. Further, the wide selection of courses offered allows the student to specialize in any one country or phase of tho affairs of Eastern Asia.
During the course of the first Institute in 1937, the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese war gave new emphasis to the need for such a program of study. The western reverberations of this conflict amply demonstrate our need for greater understanding of the civilizations of the Far East.
Michigan's long and fruitful association with the peoples and governments of the Orient, through its faculties and students, makes it the logical center for Far Eastern studies in America. It enrolls more Far Eastern students than any other American University. Chinese students at Michigan last year alone numbered 168.