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New York May 1 ltli 9 o'clock A. M. Furtlier by the BrittailW, genera! tine of coro trade fiímor. Tin' supplies from abroad continue limilej, there were mirneoiis buver liolders were enoblcd to retiiin betler pnces. manufac'uring district continue dull. Ariaing goes on in Ireland. The run on the Savings bank contiiuiod. J. O'Ccintiell rel'usi'd logo boyond cons'itulninal litnits, ïom Steel atlenipied to cominii suicide. Tlie insurgent Poles rrocted intrenclimiMit üt Posen, they liavu un army of ten tliuusaud, witb iirtülerv. A 1 (ierniany U inarms. Ín Haden tlie peopin rose in revoluiion againatthe troops, formedable revolt n Mease Cassul. Tln-re ha vrn a rt-volution demonstraiinn in Kgvpi. Tlie Paclia promised reform na mm as tlie pi.'dple ere qiii-teil. ld We U-arn !y TelfgrMpti from MiUvan kie tliat tlie Election ni W'isioiisin lias rcsultcd in a very Urge Dcinocrntic j(itity - Rotli branclu'H ofthn Lt'giílalilrr, Democratie. Biittla Cree!; markets continue about the same wlieat 7S to SOcts corn 40c, oath 31c, butler 12 l-2cts a pound.