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Improvement Of Varieties

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A writef in the Gardeners Chronicle gives interestin;; resulls of experimenta in improvin; the varieties of vegetables. He be;an iviili Ion pod beans. He took for seed, none will) fewer than five seeds in a pod. - The followin? year thtre were many six seeiled pods, and some witli seven. Slill seleciintlie best, lie procured many six pod-; and some with eight. In ibis way new and distinct varieiies were formed ; for wbilo some remained with five seedod poda, it was Sound that they rarely had a six seeded pod upon ihem; while ihose with six seeded poda were nearly all so, and some seven seeded. New varielies are only produced from seed ; henee ilie mporiance of a constant care in selertion in nll crops vvhich are annually reproduced n thisway. A skillul markel g;rdener in western New-Yoik, by constaniU selecting the earliest seeds ofthe Washingington pea, in a fevvyears liad them more ihnn a week earüer than h.s neighhors, vvho liad ruliivated t' e saine variety. Plañís not reprodured hy seeds, aa the pótalo ly eyes or tubers, and fruit trees by grafis and buds, remained unnhanged for ages ; for tliis is only a continualion ofthe snme original plant, wbich cannot change ils own being.