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Checkout Historian

Activate your Checkout History (if it's not already activated) and check out at least 1 item!
You'll find the checkout history feature under my account > account > preferences. Don't forget to save that setting, and you may need to convert your checkout history to a list if prompted!

Trying to earn this for your additional players? Each day's checkouts are recorded at 1 AM! So set your active player the night after you check something out, and at 1 AM whoever is the active player will get the credit for the previous day's checkouts!

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I checked our an item yesterday. None of my players earned the badge, please help.

Hi there, it looks like everything is working right on your account; you get the badge and points when an items is added to your checkout history, and it looks like the item you just checked out was already in your checkout history, so it wasn't added! Try something new to get the badge!

Hi, I had the same problem ( checked something out and didn't get the badge or points). Is there anyway I could have missed something? what can I do to fix this?


I did not get this badge even if I checked some books to try which was told by Aadl staff it did not work

This hasn't worked for me, my checkout history has been on forever (years ago) and I don't have this badge.

Hi there, when you have multiple players on your account, it's the active player who gets the points overnight after your checkouts. Looks like another one of your players was active and got the badge after your last checkouts. If you want the badge, make sure your player is set to active, then check out some items you haven't checked out before, and that night around 1 AM those checkouts will be copied to your history and the active player will get credit. Hope this is helpful; this can be a bit tricky with multiple players!


On your my account page, click preferences (under quick links), then check the box next to record checkouts. Scroll to the bottom and click save. Each night, your checkouts will be copied to your checkout history list. Thanks for asking!


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