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Man on the Moon

In this week's review of the SUMMER OF 1969, our next topic is the OBVIOUS choice because it was out of this world! LITERALLY. We are going to be talking about the first space mission to put men on the moon, Apollo 11.

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the 3rd clue asks me to "fill in the blank," but there are no boxes or fields for me to complete. How do we answer this question?

The first badge is not working for me. It says I already redeemed it on July 4 (I didn’t), but won’t give me the next clue.

I remember watching the moon landing live on television when I was three. It's the only time in my entire life that my mother made me watch TV. She was always watching space stuff on TV, and I thought it was all utterly boring. Unlike my TV shows, space had no plot or singing puppets, so I couldn't understand why she found it interesting. But now I look back on it and I am *so* glad that I remember it. Thanks Mom!


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