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Into the Summerverse

The Summer Game visits the Big House for Movie Night at Michigan Stadium—Saturday (June 22) at 7pm. The movie Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse will be shown on both video boards starting at 7pm. The code can be found at the AADL & Kids Go Blue Club table in the Michigan Stadium concourse.

To attend, you must select the number of tickets you'd like to receive (maximum of eight) by visiting the MGoBlue Website

Parking, entry information, and which items are allowed or prohibited in the Stadium can be found at the same link.

Check Michigan Athletics Twitter and Facebook pages for last-minute weather updates. For questions about Movie Night tickets, please contact

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It seems like this badge should go under the “events” badge series. It’s the only badge in the “Partners” series that was only available at a one-time event (so it will be the only badge making the completion of that series unattainable since I missed the event).


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