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F rom Mundy, Geneseo county, dated June 19, 1848- Liberty men in our vicinity are in good spirits, and ready to do battle in the glorious cause in whicli they have engaged. We have now a fair field for the contest, The disgusting sub serviency oftlie " Great Democratie Party," and tlie self-styled " True Libertv Party," to the chivalry of the South, will convince many thinking men that the spoils, and the privilt ge of whipping their opponents, is all that they desire. We can see now to what extent all the pretensions of' the Whigs in faver of Freedom amount. The people can see it, and, unless Ijudgethem wrong, they will see it. They cannot much longer be retained in parties, vvhicb, ivhile they profess lo be the enemies of slaverv, give their cheers, their money, and their votes to the great advocates and suppor ters of the system. The admirable speeches of Hale, Tuck, Giddings, &c. will open the eyes ofthe people soon ; and tien let doaghfaces and slaveholders, and slave-dealers, beware ; the ' lion will be bearded in his den," and three millions of slaves will put off chattelliood, and put on manhood. Southern clit valry cannot prevent it. No, no. Let tyrants think of' France and tremble, Let the slave reflect upon the spirit of the age, and take courage. D. W. C. L. IS A gentleman writing from Ashland county, Oliio, to tlie True Democrat, with refercnce to the feelings of the people in that secction, upon the nomination of Taylor for the PresiJency, says : " General Taylor vvill not go down. Wbat ! say they, ' nomínate a man for President of the U. S., who has never held a civil office during his wliole hfe - one who acknowledges him self'so ignorant of our politica] institutions, as to scarcely know the difference between a high ard alow tarifF; oue wliose every claim to the highest and most responsiblc station in the gift of the sovereign people of the United States, is that he has led the soldiers under his command to victory against the half-civilized, halfarmed, and utidisciplined hordes of Mexico - one who says of himself, that he is not fit for that rcsponsible station ; a slaveholder with 280 humar, beings in bondage ; is he to be supported by Northern freetnen?' No. for the credit of' our country, I trust not. Mi Hard Filmore niay be a good man for Vice President. I supposo he is a lalented and gent'emanly man ; but I cannot sce how he can bo expected to render the Taylor dose any iho less nauseous to Northern men. As for myself, I have never yet voted any thing toft an out and out Whig ticket ; I have never so much as crossed oft'a name from the regular Whig nomination, but I shall now support a VVilmot Proviso man for the next President, if any, and in that I am not alone. I shall have a hu-ge rnajority of both Whigs and Democrats in this section with me. Not more than one out of ten of those wilh wliom I have conversed with regard to the nominations, but what frankly and boldly state that Generáis Taylor or Cass can never be Presiden with their assistance, but they would support a Wilmot Proviso man, be he a Whig üemocrat or Liberty man. The name matters but little f we can get the right kind of a man. If united at the North, our rally ing cry will be the funeral dirge of Southern Slaven.