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Great Free Soll Convention, Held At Worcester, Massachusetts

Great Free Soll Convention, Held At Worcester, Massachusetts image
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AFTERN04M KSS10K Tbe scfi:e presan! e3 this aflamaba in riind bevond descriptivo. SutL n masjof tlelermiped, indepotiilonl liieti 1 havu m-ve.i l.:l . ■ ioen. 'J'liey covev mi nrun ot severnl i res, mora nr Ipks. ui! listeoing witb breatlilsn int iTupted only by overwlietming applnusé, na Li nHersome stavtli truthi lt l.iü -.u" ting ; .-■ wicioisin. The proce ■ lila nftwnocn ft-ero opened hy n Bpeecli f'rnm Hoo L ■ % : E .'■., ;.'.i:ll, one of tho IJoliigiiles frcnï OLiü t. 'ú;o Phüadeiphin Convention. Ho gave n aecountof the pvoceedings of thut body, noi veiy flattorin c&rtfiinly to tlie ctinricter of ilioso who eontroHed its atlior. Mr. ü. apoke ïrith great energy and wils responded to with llie wnrmest enthusmem. Hon. Stephen C. Phillips next brrmjht forward an Address to the People of Massachusetl.s, which he procooded to read. It was nn able review of the pnst nid present position of Ihe Whig party, nnd also of the Democratie party, and presentad h stirring nppeal to the friendsof Freedom in bolh those parties to unite in forming a new party, hnving for its object resistanco to tho farther encrochments of the Slave Power. It was loudly cheored in tiie readiDg, and adopted by acclnrnation. Mr. Phillips next read llie following Resolotions. which were also adoptad by the immense nssembN with oue voice : Resolved, Tliüt this Convention is desirous ofoxpressing its unqualified approbarion of the courst pursued by John P. Hale in the Senate of tho United States: llint itapplauds tho ftdi lity, tho conEcientious inflexibility, and the iminlv fiiLanesa witli which he lias dischargcd Iiis duty in debate, nnd by all the votes which he Ims given upon the varioua qnentiooa relatiug to Slaery, the Mexican War, and the Annexation of Foreien Territory ; nnd that it relies with hope and confidence upun ))is contin ned services wherever tliey inay bc most effectual in the great causo of Kre-edom and Humanity. Resolved, That this Convention deerns itself greatly honorod by theprosence of JoshnaR. Giddings. of Ohio ; and that it desires to expre-ss tho universal conviction of the opponents of slavrv throughout the Frce States, that there 9 no mau living by hom the gre.-it cause which they have at heart has been so eflectively sustained, or to whom, at this crilical moment, in view of all that cun bt? required of ibility, and discretion, and firmness, it can be more safely entiusted. Resolved, That this Convention tenders to Charlo. Allen and Henry Wilson the warmest thanks for the lidclity, consistency, decisión, and boldness wit! which they perfbrnied theirdutyai Delegatesfrom Massachusetts to the National Whig Convention: that this Convenlion ratiftei their acU. and nssures them confident'mlly that their services will hé held in grateful and proud remembmnce by the peoplo of Massachuselts. Resolved, That Massnchusetts wenrs no chpina, and spurni all bribcs ; that Massachusetls goes now, md will ever go, for Free Soi! and Free Men, for Frce Lips and a Free Press, for a Free Land and a Free World. And whoreas, The Democratie party of the Stat of New York, nt their Convention lately held ut Lrtica, adopted nmongolherresulutions, in substunce. the following : Resolved, That the power to prohibit the introduction of slavery into Territories of the' United States is clearly delrguted to Congrega (y the Constitutiou ; and 'that the highest considenuion of Patriotism, the strongest sentiments of Justico nd Huinanity, and n proper _espcct for the erilightened opinión of mankind, reqnire tlmt this power sliould be exrrcised in favor of" Freedom. Resolved, That in view of the importance and necessity of r full discussion of the great question of the day, we recommend tn our friends throughout the State the establishment in every town nnd scliool district of Freedom Leagues for the :alion of Five principies, and of a liUe Central League for the County, for the dissemination of sound opinión on thoso subjects by personal discussion and cheap pubücations. Resolved, Tbnttbe Peoplo's Confention of Maajaclmsetts approve and nffirm said Resolutions, and earnestly reeoinmend the measures suggested to the whole People of the Cominonweiillh. Resolved, That this Convention regard with dorp interest the position assunied by the Democratie party of the State of New York, as representad by the 'Convention recently lield in Utica; tliat it applnuds the eiirnestness iuid nrmniinity Wtth whieh the principies of Free Territory havo been incorporated into the basis of their orgnmzatiea ; that it commends the wisdom and manlinesa whhch have boen exhibited by Mr. Van Buren in his correspondenee upon this subject. ; and that it anticípate the most satisfactory results trom the eifects of its proceedings upon all true Democrats throughout the Fren States who are prepared to act logethei" in profaÜHting the extensión of Sluvery. Resolved. That the lani;iiac;t; of Henry Clay, which has been so often echoed by the Whig party, is a rebuke of this saine party for its nominatiou of General Tin lor : " ff, indeed, (saj's Mr. CJay.) we have incnrred tho Divine displensure, and ii it bo necessary to chestise this puoplo with u röd of vengeauce. I would huinbly prostrate myself before Him, and implore Him, in his mercy to visit ourfavored lnd with war, with pestilence, with familie, vvilh any other scourgo tlian military rule, or a blind and heedlos entliusiam for mere military renown." Resolved, That we.Jlie People of Massachuietts, Avill support no men ns candidates for tho offices of President and Vice Preiideat, bnt those who aro kiraivn by tiieir acts or declarad opiuiotis to be opposed to the extensión of slavery, Resolved, That Manacbuaetta is now looking to Daniel Webster to declare in the Sennte, nnd (o uphold before the country, the poüey of the Freo States ; that she Is relieved to Unow that he ha not advised tlie support of General Taylor ; nnd she invokes him, at this crisis, to turn a deaf ear to "optimista, and " quietists," aml to speak nnd act as his heart and his great mind shall lead him. Hon. Joshua R. Giddings of Otiio, after the udoption of the resolution commeuding his coursc, was introduced to the Conventies and iveeived with a tempest of applaose which bafflea all dusciiption. - The voiceof the multitude in this instauce was but an echo of the sentiment of their heart, aud it was uttered with a forcé which will carry it to every extremity of the Commonwealth and of the Free States. I cannot attempt to give you any roport of Mr. Giadings' speocli. ]t fully met tho expectutions of his frieuds. He 6poke with great plainness of the pioceedings of the late Whig Convention and tlie conduct of those who have foisted Gen. Tnylor upon the party. I]e had not fmished wlien this report closed. Yours, RKVILO. C3P The Wilmot Proviso Convention which is to assetnble in Columbus, Ohio, this month, and the Burnburner Democratie Convenlion, which is to meet in UttCft, N. Y., uil have a similar iiin in view, viz : to select a standard bparer to lead tliem in the present crisis, in arres ting the farther extensión of slavery. Why sliould tliey not all liit upon the same candidate'i Why not one and all, irrespective of party or sect, unite upon that bokl and independent ndvocate of Liberty and Right - that Independent Democrat and Conscience Whig JOHN P. HALE, of New Hamp.hire ] He who has had the courage and principie single handed and alone, to hold vip and defend in the (J. S. Senate, tlie ami shivery, principldS wluch Massachi:setts, year after year, givea fortli to the world, while her own Senators have not had the tirmness or courage tu utter them, would eertainly geera to be tho most appropriately fit personage lo be honored with the votes oí' her freemen. Shall they not be giveri ? For ono, we look upon somo such a movetnein in favor of hun, who has shaken the hitherto le&den dullness of tliat fortress of American Slavery, tho U. S. Senate, with the tones of Freeiioni's lyre, as one like! lv to accompli sb just the ihinsr W6 are aiming