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A Remarkable Fact

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The sea birds, the piilfin, gnillemot, nnc! ihe razor bilí, canuot fly over the land at nll, lliougl) thoy can rise from the surface of llie sea with perfect facility, mount to an indefiniie lieiplit, ano fly wit It amnzing rapidiiy so long ns the sea is nime.Jiately under ihem ; but no sooner do they fly above ground tban ihey drop as if shot. Diuing a Wrong wind from the sea, it not unfrequently hapens that these birds, in rnoun'.ing higher than ihe edgo of the difF, are suddenly blown over tlu; miii, ■vhun they immfdiately fall, and can only regain tb' ir natural element by crawling to the edge of the precipice, when new vigor seems lo mapire them, and they at once soar away when their usual velocity.