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Stonewall Ignites

The Summer of 69 was a summer of highs and many lows - a period of intense tumult, change, fear, and bravery for many people. The riots at The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village happened during the early morning hours of June 28, 1969 - as a result of a violent police raid. This event was the start of the modern gay rights liberation movement, and is the origin of why June is now celebrated as LGBTQIA Pride Month - it started by commemorating the tragic events at Stonewall.  Search for Stonewall in the catalog and locate your first game code in a book explaining Stonewall for kids.

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Clue 3-the two cities are DELETED and DELETED. If you search for them together there are no results!

Thanks for trying to help, aunty! I have tried all nearby MI cities starting with A, including Ann Arbor, and Dallas.
I looked up all of the downloadable books on race, then looked up the regular book versions. Nothing! Way too hard. Any clues out these?

Wikipedia is ALWAYS a great place to look since the game makers use it often to write their badges. Also the D is the largest city in our state and the A is often known by its airport abbreviation and again is known for its hip-hop music scene - largest city in the south that starts with a A. Thanks for playing!


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