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Sitcom Sidekicks

What's the fun in being funny if there's no one to laugh at your jokes? That's why all the best sitcom stars come with a sidekick! Sitcom sidekicks come in all shapes and sizes - some are even cat-shaped! But whatever they are, these sidekicks are always there to keep their main characters on the right track - the LAUGH track!

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Is this a clue you have to search for in the catalog or is it a web search? Also what is meant by ‘fictional’ name? Does that mean his alias in the show? Or his character’s name in the show? This wording is not clear....


Hi there, that's not a glitch; it means that the code you thought was the answer to the 4th clue wasn't the right one. Look at the 4th clue again, check the hint, and keep looking!

Found answer to first clue - clicked on it and it registered and gave me points but did not register towards the actual badge and therefore did not give me the next clue. What do I do?



★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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