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TV theme songs are a musical genre of their very own and CARTOON theme songs are a manic and magical subsection. So let's launch into the lyrics like a rich duck diving into a pile of gold coins, shall we???

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I am not familiar with the song but based on my search on net their is a typo in second clue. It says "something ridiculous to have in their "slacks" and as per net search song its "snack"

This is 100% wrong! It is definitely, absolutely, slacks. In fact, if you search the lunchmeat in question and "in our snacks" Google completely says "DID YOU MEAN IN OUR SLACKS?" Don't believe everything you read on the internet about the 90s! =)

If you know the character, then either look up or recite the lyrics to yourself. The question is: "what kind of nonsense requires one to drop on the deck and flop like a fish?" So find out the word that comes before "nonsense" in the theme song and look for that!

I searched "Scrooge McDuck lyrics" and found some very crude lyrics. I'm hoping our young sleuths avoid this.

I'm searching for the name of the show and the code isn't in any catalog item that appears :(


I was completely stumped by #5. I finally got it by brute force by looking up all the musical instruments in the Tools collection. But there was definitely a clue that I missed. :-(


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