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Abyssinian Edict

The Ethiopian empire - also known as Abyssinia - was a kingdom that spanned the geographic territories of Ethiopia and what is now Eritrea on the continent of Africa. It began with the establishment of a particular dynasty around 1270. This dynasty is the key to your first clue.

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If anyone is still stuck on this one (it took me way too long) - if you're looking at the wiki page, don't use the first two names (no last name) from when he was a child, but from when he became governor...

Having trouble with #3. Searched the catalog multiple times with multiple versions of what they asked for. NOTHING! Getting frustrated...

Thanks for educating me about this dynasty that existed for several hundred years. I had no idea.

These badges are so much fun, and I've been learning a lot! Some of the clues seem to be missing words, though, which can make them hard to understand. For example, "Following a period of conflict and strife known as the Princes’ Era." I noticed similar issues with a couple other "Unruly Royals" badges.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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