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Exhibit | Special Edition: Ann Arbor Register, September 24, 1891


Wednesday December 11, 2019: 9:00am to Tuesday February 18, 2020: 9:00pm


Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room Exhibit


From the AADL Archives comes this reprint of a special 40-page edition of the Ann Arbor Register. Meant as an issue to boost Ann Arbor as a place to live and invest, this edition details the important facts about the city of the time with important local business, churches, and people all catalogued along with many engravings of important buildings. Side by side with this portrait of 1891 Ann Arbor are all the typical trappings of a late nineteenth-century newspaper: reports from far-flung correspondents, local brevities, obscure facts with no context, reprinted jokes, baseball scores, and wonderful ads for everything from savings accounts to farm equipment to cures for catarrh.