Press enter after choosing selection

The light of the screen stings my eyes.


Crooked white words stand out against the black background. 

START” appears in bold under the white words.  

For the best experience, turn off all lights and lock the door. Increase your volume.

I do as instructed, and press START

Do you know any martial arts?

I click no.

Please take note of the following facts:

Only 33.49% of people who start this test finish.

17.81% may get a phobia or disease resulting in death.

We are not responsible.

Do you understand?

I click yes.

We shall now begin The Survey.

Answer all questions truthfully.

Are you alone? 


How would you feel if I were to rip out all your fingernails?


Look behind you. Am I there?

Four black words appear on the now white screen.

Do you forgive me? 

Another three words.

Please forgive me.

The survey isn’t letting me click no. An invisible force drags my mouse toward Yes.The screen changes again.

Ring Around the Rosie

Pocket full of Posies

Ashes, Ashes we all fall down.

We all fall down.

We all fall down.

A scream echoes through my headphones. 

It’s only a game...right?


Zip Code