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Ghost Townies: Fayette

Oh! Hello, there! Today we're lounging (in spirit) on the grassy shores of the EXOTIC and REMARKABLE, completely human-free, 100% balmy, and totally ghostly BANANA BELT of Michigan! INDEED, at the time of writing this badge, it's a truly tropical 37 degrees Fahrenheit with a gale warning of 30 knots! If you're thinking that sounds BANANAS, you're almost right! Our ghost town is FAYETTE, MI and, while our very own Upper Peninsula isn't usually considered a tropical oasis, this part of it (around Escanaba and Manistique) is considered a BIT BALMIER than the other parts. Hence the term Banana Belt! PEEL off to your first code by finding a very downloadable song that is totally BANANAS in the catalog!

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