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And Now Back to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

So, this is the last Bummer Game badge! We know the old normal may still be a long way off, but we’ve got a new-ish normal-ish, so let’s run with that for now. While we don’t know when in-person programming will resume at the library, our talented staff has been putting out program after program onto our YouTube channel, and we have no plans to stop! Let’s explore some of the programs that you can now watch anytime on AADL.TV.

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Had to enter the 5th code online instead of through text. Texting the 5th code doesn't work. I kept getting the error text in return. Might want to fix!

We tested redeeming this code via text and it worked... so we checked the logs and you had a typo when you were trying to submit via text. Understandable given what an insane code that last one is!

Having trouble finding the final code for this badge looked everywhere to no avail. Could you give me one more clue to help me find the final code


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