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Bird Hills Blast

The City of Ann Arbor has a LOT of parks, so we've broken them up into convenient groups! For this badge, you'll be in the BIRD HILLS area! 

In order to get this BADGE, you'll have to visit some of the beautiful Bird Hills sites and find the main sign for each park! Your codes will all be based off the sign itself or the nearby surrounding area!

Some of these are neighborhood parks with little to no parking. Please be respectful of the neighbors of these parks, and PLEASE be safe and aware of traffic when seeking out these park signs! You've got all summer to find these, so no rush!

Below are the SPECTACULAR places this badge will lead you to with the links to the city pages to each park in alphabetical order, and here's a map to help you find each sign. Use this map to know EXACTLY where each sign is! Street addresses and google maps can be misleading! Plan your own route and be careful!

Belize Park 

Bird Hills Nature Area 

Bluffs Nature Area 

Creal Park 

Garden Homes  

Hunt Park

Mixtwood Pomona Park 

Newport Creek Nature Area 

Riverwood Nature Area 

Sunset Brooks Nature Area 

White Oak 

Can't make it to these parks? Has construction season foiled all your park exploring plans? No worries! Contact us for a handy guide to get your CODES! 

Want to see where we'll be leading you in the Park Explorer series this summer? Here's a map of ALL the locations from ALL the badges! 



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Newport Park is supposed to have one letter and one number. I tried N with every single digit number, and got - nothing!

Hi @lawrencekl57, are you spelling out the number? For this code, you want to actually spell it out, not just use a digit. Let us know if you're still having trouble and we can email you the code. Thanks for playing!

Hi @Xris, it sounds like you found a different White Oak Park sign and Newport Creek sign than the ones intended! Make sure you're looking at the maps we created for each badge (underneath the badge description) so you know what location the sign we used for the code is in. If you're still having trouble, let us know and we'll be happy to email you the codes. THANKS for playing!

I can’t seem to get Creal park. Does the symbol & count as a word? Or is it spelled out? I don’t get it

Hi @Jessica, you just need to spell out the first four words on the brown sign attached to the Creal Park sign. Hint: the first word is an animal! If you can't get it or don't want to return to the park, just let us know and we'll email you the code!

For Bird Hills, why does it say the color of the sign that is NOT white if the answer IS white? It makes no sense...

The clue says to use the colors of the small signs attached to the Bird Hills Park sign! You want the color of the "No Smoking" sign and the "Parks & Rec" emblem, not the big wooden sign that they are attached to. I hope that helps! Thanks for playing!


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