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Scenes From Shondaland

Here we are, in the heat of summer. As we float along the stream, let's take a BRIEF look at one of the most THRILLING dramas produced by the PROLIFIC Shonda Rhimes. What is that show, you ask? Well, maybe you guessed Grey's Anatomy, and that's okay, because she produced that too! Maybe Scandal? WRONG AGAIN! Though ANY ONE of the former options are DRAMA filled and definitely bingeable. The show on the schedule is HTGAWM! That is, How to Get Away With Murder! So you may have guessed that this show is a bit SCARY with some major adult life drama. Don't worry TOO MUCH because Annalise Keating is on the case!

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The final clue's hint says it is '10 words and 1 number' but it is actually 10 letters and 1 number

I can't figure out last clue. I serached on net and found a name which was 7 letters not 10 starting with K*****g and a single digit number and its not working. Help please.


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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